18F - Little did I know I'd be making out with some frat boy's dad an hour after this pic was taken

2022.01.17 15:49 Powerful_Bike_4416 18F - Little did I know I'd be making out with some frat boy's dad an hour after this pic was taken

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2022.01.17 15:49 taybukky i need karma , I'll upvote you

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2022.01.17 15:49 magnabonzo Do 20-somethings in Singapore watch TV/cable or just stream/surf?

There's a growing trend in the US among 20-somethings to "cut the cable" -- not even pay for cable TV or watch free local TV etc, and just pay for streaming services like Netflix etc, and/or gaming.
Obviously this has a big impact on people choosing what to watch rather that watching whatever's on. I've noticed that the local news in US aims their commercials at a very old crowd. I think live sports might be the only broadcast that hits a younger crowd.
Is that trend true among Singaporean 20-somethings too? Do any of the evening TV programs appeal to you? Let's say it's 9pm -- are you watching local TV, watching whatever's on cable TV, streaming something on-demand, or surfing on your phone or on a computer?
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2022.01.17 15:49 smile_is_contagious How much time do you actually spend typing out code? (Assuming you're a full-time developer)

I've had a couple jobs when I'm worried that I'm not actually programming as much as I should be.
it seems like the best majority of my time is taken up by

I say I spend the vast majority of my time on these things rather than programming
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2022.01.17 15:49 WJMazepas Cadeira pra um cara grande

Eae gente. Eu fico o dia inteiro programando numa cadeira reba de escritório. E eu sou grande, peso 120kg e tenho 1,85 de altura então nunca sei qual cadeira comprar. Já testei duas cadeiras gamers numa loja aqui perto mas eu ficava desconfortavel nelas. Foram feitos pra gente menor.
Tem alguém grande ai também que tem uma cadeira boa pra recomendar?
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2022.01.17 15:49 LackmustestTester Yale Climate Connections Should Go Back to School for Equating a Year of Weather with Climate Change

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2022.01.17 15:49 none_pizza_leftbeef Beginners Victory!

Just wanted to share a personal victory and maybe some inspiration for other beginners :)
I started TR mid 2021 with my ex. I didn’t climb consistently and I was usually nervous/self conscious. Nevertheless, I had fun and wanted to improve. After the breakup I moved towns. I wanted to continue climbing, but I didn’t have a partner, and my friends weren’t interested in learning.
I decided to buy some day passes at a local gym to give bouldering a shot. I was super nervous because I’m alone, inexperienced, and self conscious about looking inexperienced lol
Ended up going for the first time this morning and I’m so glad I did! Started warming up with some V0s, then worked my way thru some V1s. Started to fumble around some V2s so I could get used to falling and practice reading routes. My arms are shot now, but I’m already feeling more confident and excited to go back and improve my skills!
Hopefully this victory gives my fellow beginners out there some inspiration and encouragement to get out there and try, even if you’re alone or nervous!
Looking forward to sharing some sends here in the near future!
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2022.01.17 15:49 OlsenOut If you haven’t done the Hybrid League / Hybrid Nations SBC, now’s the time… In shock.

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2022.01.17 15:49 MK7Flaze Bogdan b2b

Add me on PSN GamingwithMK2 plz
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2022.01.17 15:49 dragni02 What do you think the other projects' "Holistic Occupation" is?

The spoilers are mentions of stuff from season 2 btw
Okay, to clarify; Bart is a holistic assassin, Dirk is a holistic detective and Mona is a holistic actress. Or at least that's what they call themselves. We never really get to know what exactly the Rowdy 3's "occupation" is but I guess they're holistic vampires or something?
Anyways, because I think this is pretty interesting, I've made kind of a headcanon where all the projects are holistic "something". The one I like the most is project Phoenix which I imagine is the "human bomb" that Hugo Friedkin mentions in season 2 when he's complaining about there not being any "interesting" projects in Blackwing while he works there.
Well, in my headcanon project Phoenix can blow stuff up with her hands (I imagine Phoenix as a girl btw) or being, like, pyrokinetic and she destroys things that need to be destroyed (according to the universe). She sets the things she feels like destroying on fire or blows them up with her hands and is a holistic demolition worker or a holistic pyrotechnician.
And I thought it would be cool if someone was a holistic doctor or something. Like, they end up in hospitals or something and "revive" or heal people that shouldn't die or be hurt (according to the universe), like a opposite Bart or something. Idk what the project's name would be but something connected to healing or revival.
I also thought about someone called "Project Phantom/Ghost" who is a holistic singer who can turn into a cloudlike thing and go through stuff and then>! the new metal they found at the end of season 2!< could be a way to keep Project Phantom contained in his/her "ghost state", like just put them in a room with the walls, floor and ceiling covered in the metal and boom, can't get out. But this is more an idea bc I thought it would be cool, though project phantom/ghost being a holistic singer doesn't make much sense according to the powers but a holistic singer sounds so cool! There are two symbols on the blackwing symbols list that doesn't have names, so that's why I thought about phantom or ghost (phantom does sound cooler tho).
I could also talk about project Phoenix a lot too, because I've been thinking about this for a while since the blackwing projects really interest me but then this would get a lot more ramble-ier than it already is lol

Anyways, what do you think about the other projects' "holistic occupations"? I wanna know if other people have thought about this or have ideas or headcanons of their own! I found the list of the symbols and names of the 42 projects by searching "blackwing dirk gently" or "blackwing symbols" on pictures if you need to find it! :) I would love to discuss this with you!!
PS, sorry if my English is bad, it's not my first language lol
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2022.01.17 15:49 Skizz_rP BD Anyone willing to lend me their electirizer to evolve electabuzz?

Title says it all. I’ve been grinding elekids to drop the electirizer but have had no luck so far. Would any be willing to trade my electabuzz to me with their electirizer held by electabuzz?
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2022.01.17 15:49 AdamVGE Heracross w/Pokerus giveaway

I am giving away Heracross with Pokerus. I will NOT accept Eggs, Trade evolutions, OR different colored Pokemon. IVs are probably non-existent, as I don't IV breed. Heracross is in a Premier Ball. I will be standing in the middle of the room. Room Code: 8741-2369
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2022.01.17 15:49 Myragee autoload / video-splice not working

Trying to figure out why those 2 scripts are not working ( others script like visualizer are working fine);

I'm just doing in cmd : mpv "D:\music\angel vivaldi\music.wav"
(I am on windows 10), so basically autoload doesn't do anything, but i have no error message;
However for video-splice, when i try to process the clip, i have this error (no problem for making the splice) :

[video_splice] Lua error: [string "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming/mpv/scripts/vi..."]:297: attempt to index local 'cat_file_ptr' (a nil value)

I'm pretty sure it's mp.get_property("path") where i have a problem, because it is shared by the two scripts

For information, i have setup as environment variables (system variables) d:\mpv in path; d:\mp\output as MPV_SPLICE_OUTPUT and D:\mpv\temp as MPV_SPLICE_TEMP.

Any help would be appreciated, since i pretty much know nothing of lua, and i have a hard time solving my issue.
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2022.01.17 15:49 xanaddams For John_Ansley

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2022.01.17 15:49 jal_20 Warriors part-owner and venture capitalist dismisses Uyghur Muslims' rights abuses

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2022.01.17 15:49 pan_stan where is it mom

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2022.01.17 15:49 saadmerie Bachelor Exam

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2022.01.17 15:49 SpitFlame EHF > EMA

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2022.01.17 15:49 holland_stoner Are these leaves nomal for a sherbet queen automatic by r.q.s ?

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2022.01.17 15:49 trailer8k Dbz vegeta and simpsons marge are gym bros

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2022.01.17 15:49 CDittmar BIGWATCH - free coupons.

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2022.01.17 15:49 Otar3000 Spending Time

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2022.01.17 15:49 godsmith2 Eagles waive Jalen Reagor

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2022.01.17 15:49 Amzsallu Cat Backpack Carrier Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack for Cats Dogs Small Animals Fit Up to 18 Lbs, $60. Free for USA. Interested DM Order

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2022.01.17 15:49 AdDifferent4263 Wife w ITIN received Social in 2021. Can she claim her half of missing ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENT from Round 1 and 2??? I know the 3rd round missing payment can be claimed on 2021 Tax Return. Not sure about 1st & 2nd round.

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