تو نے پوچھا ہے تو احوال بتا دیتے ہیں

2022.01.17 15:46 krlby121 تو نے پوچھا ہے تو احوال بتا دیتے ہیں

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2022.01.17 15:46 LarrytheMonker my review as a lifelong fan

ok lifelong franchise fan, scream one was first movie i saw in theaters and been waiting long ass time for a installment that is a love letter to the OG fans, which this was, lets review.
the way the killer used 'group' as a way to disarm Tara, genius. i literally had no idea if this was the killer or not for first minute or 2 and his voice slowly made its way back to full ghostface mode. i was like wow maybe the actors voice is changing or some sort of digital over lay is being used or something but by the end of the scene it was PERFECT. absolutely nailed it. the tara actress did great drew Barrymore would be proud. i rank this opening as the third best in franchise, closely behind scream 2. outstanding tho. it was brutal and had me feeling sorry for tara. however the fact she lived was taboo, thats alot of damage inflicted. which bring me to my next point.
this ghostface showed extreme competence with his kills, the neck shot on the stalker, acknowledging he missed taras vitals, and not to mention his build. in opening scene ghostface is noticably larger, almost as if it really is a tall lengthy stu macher (quaid has similar build). also, the final question to tara was about stu macher, and at that point i had it PEGGED that stu is in this somewhere. then we get a billy loomis return. i was no doubt expecting stu to appear. the film lost some points for me by not bringing stu back, but i got over it. one of the best lines NOW GET OUT THERE AND CUT SOME NECKS!!! so billy. good horror.
billys return was pretty good. i don't have much to say other then that it felt right. i didn't hate it visually it was pretty good, not bad at all, really. especially his smile at the end when he shows sam theres a knife laying there, i got the impression that Billy was now an antihero. a good guy almost, which is a sin in the franchise to most but i LIKED it. sam going full retard stabbing richie was satisfying, almost like shes a ghostface that chose good over evil. this made up for the amber death sequence
ambers death baffles me. i did not like it. over the top, seen it before, not scary, just a low point. and i know your all thinking it, but is this a call back to once upon a time in Hollywood?????? i dont know man. it felt out of place, not very Wes-like. ill tell you what was very wes like though- killing of the suspected creep- i would have liked to see this charcter get some more screen time or some dialogue but his jab to the neck scene followed by the wiping of the blade- quick, to the point, shocking, effective- good horror.
the wes craven references were a GREAT tribute with lots of taste. "For Wes" and naming characters after him, very meta and self aware kind of giving us the legacy on a silver platter and doing so within the integrity of the plot, i liked it, wes would have smiled at this. even new fans unaware of the franchises creator will get an idea who Wes is. good horror
the judy wes death scene- this was a high point in the movie. a call back to cotton wearys death, the panic, the limited time, the disarming of logic and training used by the killer to make the victim make mistakes. Judy has every resource under the son to get help at the house, every cop is trained never to blindly run into a building driven by emotion. (END OF WATCH ending for example). but Ghostface used fear to his advantage, very advanced and Krueger-esque. a lot of people didn't see this jump scare coming, but i did. the wide shot gave it away, but by far one of my favorite franchise kills. broad daylight murder of the sheriff on her front lawn. so scream-like. 10/10 loved it so did audience. Wes's death was very Halloween 2 needle in the eye-esque and i liked it. somewhat likeable character, super cautious, still first to die, this idea legitimized this version of Ghostface off the bat. while making fun of itself for the false scares, good horror, loved it.
dewey- Dewey stole the show here. david arquette did a good job, the use of his theme, the limp, self deprecating humor, him leaving gale instead of chasing gail, sending a text instead of calling, being asked to retire, all these data points- if they are dead set on killing Dewey, they did it in a fashion I'm ok with. even though this one hurt. he had a BADASS redemption fight scene- NOT TODAY- loved it. his wrestling training kinda coming to light here, looked great, and for the first time in his career, David Arquette shows some badassery here in a huge way. as soon as that elevator door closed, i knew time was up for Dewey. i got the chills as he wild west reloads, music was great. ITS AN HONOR, perfect line. well done scene, i hated it, but well done. cool callback to Romans use of bullet proof vest. i maintain Gail shoulda kicked the bucket and left us with Dewey alive but whatever, good horror.
gail did not bring much to this storyline, i feel she has extended her welcome in the franchise and thats all i have to say about gail. her and Sidney not falling for ambers trap was a good bit though i chuckled, also thought it was weird sidney gail and sam all got stabbed in the side in the same way, not sure what's good w that, some sort of religious nod to jesus on the cross wound, i dont know. but over all sidney did good here in regards to the casual approach, no fear, no quarrel, just kill the guy wait another ten years till next franchise, kinda like a Jeepers Creepers plot line- "every ten years, he stabs" or something. when they mentioned that notion, they def peaked my attention. its obvious sidney and gail are bowing out of the franchise, they want to pass the torch. i wasnt unhappy with their appearances. gail shoulda got it not dewey. everyone can agree on that. gail weathers being alive- bad horror.
richies line 'i know your bummed its me" is a direct apology to the fans that Stu did not return. we all had hopes, and i cant believe he wasnt. it all would have made sense. I liked his character enough to deal with it but if it was stu and richie as killers, jaw would be on floor. i also would have liked to see richie live, but oh well. all in all awesome movie, 8/10. by far the most dangerous ghostface killers in the franchise. where did all that hacking power come from though? who was behind the door locking app and those sort of things? im hoping stu became some sort of computer software engineer in prison, pulling strings. now that would be good horror.
also loved the randy BEHIND YOU!!! couch scene revisit, if the filmmakers wanted to legitimize the killers here, having the killer actually go through with the over the head couch kill here would have been a way to do it. Mindy or cindy or whatever was a cool modern version of randy but, her cockiness and essence of 'i know the rules so ill be ok" didn't sit right with me. she should have eaten it. a 'ten second delay' call back would have fit somewhere in here, almost a jaw dropper but it whiffed IMO
BEST SHOT of the movie- when ghostface sprints out of the shed and hawks the muscular jock from behind, visually scary and memorable. ghostface was pretty clumsy in this movie and thats a well done aspect, the jock hits him with some sort of crazy move and sent him flying into a bush. well done.
ALL IN ALL movie was good- scream fans rejoice and PRAY for dewey. he can still make it here. if the multiverese theory is applied im sure we can get some Jason X rebuilding nanotech involved and bring him back. its not over.
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2022.01.17 15:46 don51181 Advice possible going from contractor to Federal Employee

Looking for input with a possible federal job
I am currently working 2 days in the office and 3 at home doing administrative work as a Federal Contractor. This week I am interviewing for a full time Federal office position. The pay is 20%-50% more. Has anyone regretted going back to the office job for more money? I don't need the money.
This current job pay is stagnate with no benefits. I enjoy having the flexibility of working from home but being stuck at this position with no paid vacation, holidays or pay raises is frustrating. Just looking for another perspective.
Also after the interview how long before I might hear back from them? Thanks.
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2022.01.17 15:46 Bumblz666 Anyone eat n watch tv while they rip gas lmao the smoke shop is right by a bunch of food so this always happens

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Hey. I’m a boy from Germany and want to improve my English. Dm me and we will have a good time:))
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2022.01.17 15:46 SiloXL7Hyphen The hot springs could possibly fight the infection

Idk how well this’ll do but here goes. There isn’t any lore implications that would explain how they fight the infection, but it explains how characters such as millibelle and the colo enemies don’t get infected. Millibelle is seen in the hot springs of the pleasure house after she scams you, and from her dreamnail dialogue you can infer that it wasn’t her first time there. There is also a hot spring in the colosseum and some of the colosseum enemies can be seen in the hot spring in the forgotten crossroads. Side note: Quirrel is also seen in a hot spring but his time outside of hallownest is most likely why he stays uninfected also zote and tiso were in the colosseum for a while.
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