2x72 Belt Grinder

2022.01.17 16:52 EldestOfGregs 2x72 Belt Grinder

Greetings All,
New to Reddit and figured I would start it off with a project that I just completed this weekend. I have been watching Maker videos on YouTube and was always envious of their ability to make things. I started watching Forged in Fire and it has ignited the passion for Metal-craft and Bladesmithing that I didn't know I had.
To start the journey, I bought some 2"x2"x3/16" and 1.5"x1.5"x3/16" Square tubing for the main body and the control arm. Then got some Angle Iron and another piece of square tube from home improvement big box store. Went to Northern Tools to get my 220V 5hp electric motor, Harbor Freight to get my Mig Welder and Drill Press, then Amazon for the machined Wheels. (my only complaint about the machine wheels is that both the drive wheel and the tracking wheel are crowned. This is not exactly ideal but I can always change it out later.)
I know that it is not much to look at but it was the first time I have ever attempted something like this and to have it fire up and the belt stay tracking on the initial startup totally has me stoked and is like a small validation of the effort I have put into it so far. Looking forward to getting more into the craft and getting an actual workspace instead of my Garage Floor :-D ....
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2022.01.17 16:52 thumbsdrivesmecrazy Is Ripple A Good Investment - Analysis

Ripple has developed a somewhat contrasting reputation in the industry. While some people are fully behind the coin, others are not as convinced: Is Ripple A Good Investment?
Ripple's pros are incredibly fast transaction capability and scalability, not to mention the smaller fee structure combined with the fact that they are offering these services to banks allows for a faster and cheaper service to be accessible to anyone outside of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.
The cons relate to the centralized nature of the currency and the fact that XRP is not mined, which many feel goes against the core essence of cryptocurrencies.
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2022.01.17 16:52 AdventurousPayment73 How does Ghost Magnitude work?

Hello all. In my search of Demilords of Darkon for a hombrew I'm running, I came across Trillen Mistwalker, a 3rd magnitude ghost. I cannot find stats on him and in case my unseasoned players just decide to fight him (If they are not charmed) I'd like to figure out a way to come up with stats for him based on 5e. Would I take the stats of a normal ghost and add a sort of multiplier to some of the stats? Forgive me, I've never gotten into monster creation so I'm definitely a bit unseasoned myself.
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2022.01.17 16:52 ShortAlgo $RCKT Look at this!!! Profit Factor of 8 and trade profitability of 87%. 8 trades executed and buy signal in place. 15 minute chart

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2022.01.17 16:52 a_Lonely_Redditer describe this character

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2022.01.17 16:52 woodwind-bitch Princess Zelda's Theme 🎷 Woodwind Cover by Jessica Esposito

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2022.01.17 16:52 halfof99is9g 1100hp 3 Rotor RX7 idle/rev/sound

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2022.01.17 16:52 Shame_OCD Research participant callout: shame in OCD

OCD can make us feel like we're terrible people.
How can psychologists measure this, and how can we help?
Intrusive thoughts and OCD are often understood as being about anxiety.
But sometimes, shame is the driving force behind obsessions and compulsions.
We think it's important to understand this better so that we can offer the best treatment to people who are struggling with shame-related OCD.
If you have something to say about this, we'd like to invite you to a confidential video interview as part of our research: https://sites.google.com/view/shame-ocd/
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2022.01.17 16:52 Final_Alps The start of a new journey.

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2022.01.17 16:52 Pennmaa Our shop for needle minders

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2022.01.17 16:52 LoveEh [BlogTO]: Ontario Premier Doug Ford is out and about in today's blizzard rescuing people stuck on Toronto-area highways

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2022.01.17 16:52 Lostthegame101 Anyone had this? How do I contact someone as I’m locked out?

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2022.01.17 16:52 kirkt How do I keep an application running? There is no "Exit" task specified.

Pardon my ignorance; I'm not even sure how to ask this question properly since all of my search attempts are fruitless. I think this should be a pretty basic setting but I am having no success.
I have several profiles that launch an application and they work fine. However, if I do anything else the profile stops the launched application.
Example: I launch Waze with my work address as destination. Triggers are time, day of week, and being connected to my car's BT. Works great until I do something else like hit Home or scroll to a previous app, then Waze exits entirely.
Example: I have a profile that launches my sleep-sounds generator at bedtime. Triggers are time of day and being connected to power. Works great but if I go to check what my alarm is set for it exits the program.
Neither of these profiles has an exit task specified.
I can upload my code but not sure it will help here. I think this is something too basic to show up in most search queries.
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2022.01.17 16:52 GoMx808-0 Rick Scott claims Democrats will use voting rights bill to cheat in future elections

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2022.01.17 16:52 Criptedinyourcloset Human rights regarding the emergence of an AGI?

Hi guys, please let me know if this post is not appropriate for this sub or if this question has already been answered. Basically, if an AGI were to be created, would it be sanctioned? Would it be able to have thoughts, emotions, and things like that that we normally associate with humans? And if so, what are its rights. Basically, would our basic human rights like a life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness apply to it? Would there be consequences for murdering an AGI, and would it be able to be convicted for committing crimes. I guess, to sum this all up, I’m asking what is considered human? And where do we draw the line.
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2022.01.17 16:52 ringo1713 Is anybody ordering delivery food today a Jerky McJerk Face?

It’s awful out there as well as dangerous. If you do order food tip well and expect a long wait
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2022.01.17 16:52 Relevant-Mission27 Is there any other enbies who like there chest??

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2022.01.17 16:52 LabCoatNomad Any tutorial on how to use WS to essentially invest like an index fund?

Any tutorial on how to use WS to essentially invest like an index fund? A friend of mine recommended WS to start saving for my retirement. Based on the fact that he (and others) said it was easy to use. I want to essentially invest in an index fund or find an index fund and just copy those investments etc you get the idea, I am looking to bet on the market itself.
But as it turns out, I know way less than I thought I did about saving. I created a WS account and now need to make an bank account. I assume I just need a normal personal account , but it would be handy if someone could share me a walkthrough or tutorial on how to invest the way I am trying too. I am currently still at this screen (attached).
thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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2022.01.17 16:52 MyFatherWasARedcoat [OC] Do ya wanna taste it, Titans?

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2022.01.17 16:52 originalzboy Eibach stage 1 (2.5”) and rear AAL (1.5”) on stock OR tires and wheels. Very happy with outcome.

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2022.01.17 16:52 onwinter Dönerdividende 🥙🚀

Guten Abend geehrte Döner- und Investmentfreunde. Ein Döner kostet aktuell um die 5€ (zumindest hier in Süddeutschland). Natürlich ein guter Döner, so mit frischen Zutaten und saftigem Fleisch! Vielleicht isst jeder einmal im Monat einen Döner - zumindest ich mache das! Meistens Donnerstags, Dönerstag quasi. Falls meine Frau mal Lust auf einen Döner hat gibt es gelegentlich ein gemeinsames Candlelight-Döner.
Mit 1000€ Kapital kann man quasi das ganze Jahr, einmal im Monat, „umsonst*“ Döner essen. Als Beispiel mit dem EM Dividend ETF oder monatlich ausschüttenden Fonds, wird jährlich so zwischen 4-7% ausgezahlt. Das sind ca. 1000€ Invest für ~60€ Dönerdividende im Jahr.
Finde ich psychologisch ganz interessant! Und ja, Opportunitäten werden hier nicht berücksichtigt. Mir gefällt einfach die Vorstellung ein Leben lang, einmal im Monat „kostenlos*“ einen Döner zu essen. Die Inflation und zukünftige Dönerpreise sollten so auch ausgeglichen werden.
*Was ist der Unterschied zwischen kostenlos und umsonst? Manche gehen kostenlos zur Schule und manche umsonst…
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2022.01.17 16:52 that_dude55 Imagine reading that without context

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2022.01.17 16:52 MoonlightEm Got rained on mid-run this morning but looked up to this 🌈✨

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2022.01.17 16:52 PeasePorridge9dOld PHI - SAC - ATL (another Simmons trade)

PHI deals B Simmons, T Harris for J Collins, D Gallinari, B Bogdanovic
SAC deals B Hield, Thompson for T Harris, J Johnson, '22 CHAR 1st (18/16/14/14 -> 2 2nds)
ATL deal J Collins, B Bogdanovic, D Gallinari, J Johnson, '22 CHAR 1st for B Simmons, T Thompson, B Hield

PHI: Based on the rumor of talks with ATL stalling when PHI requested that ATL eat Harris. Bogdanovic, Collins, and Gallinari give PHI a whole bunch of shooting surrounding Embiid. PHI opts for Bogdanovic over Hield since Bogi has shown some ball in hand playmaking.
SAC: credit to u/AusSac here. SAC pulls in some nice young assets for eating Harris' deal which is running neck and neck with Wall for the worst contract in the NBA.
ATL: Brass is ready for a locker room shakeup and this is it. On paper, Simmons would be a great fit beside Trae going forward as he supplies the perimeter defense Trae doesn't while also taking Offensive responsibilities for the 2nd team. The price is step (Collins / Bogi / paying someone to eat Harris) but this deal should set up ATL going forward with arguably the best perimeter player on both offense and defense.
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2022.01.17 16:52 Effective-Salad3521 I'm interested in hearing stories about extracting objective information in the astral

I want to hear about experiments, situations or stories about a time when you brought real information from the Astral and checked it irl. I know this is possible, I just want to read them.
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