Adding AirPlay to Older Set Up

2021.11.29 20:11 UDontKnowMeLikeThat Adding AirPlay to Older Set Up

I have a room with two Play:1s in a stereo pair, and a sub. I want to add airplay compatibility by adding a new Five into the room.
Will the Five be compatible with my older speakers in the same room? Will this accomplish my goal of making my room airplay compatible?
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2021.11.29 20:11 Openuph What’s the last thing that went down your throat?

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2021.11.29 20:11 Jironic I Build A Castle and Filled it with Redstone Contraptions

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2021.11.29 20:11 AIandRobotics_Bot Xenobots: Team builds first living robots that can reproduce

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2021.11.29 20:11 YllA_F Groomed yet totally not impressed 😂

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2021.11.29 20:11 TransportationNew843 World Transfer?

Sorry if this is asked alot or the answer is obvious. Just started playing the game 2 days ago, just picked a random server, and there are pretty much no people on it... According to most people i should be able to change (some even say for free) but when i go to world transfer tab on the store, theres nothing there, how do i do it?
If it matters, im on the "Runeberg" server in EU Central
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2021.11.29 20:11 teddybeartimee One f***ing peice left... why!

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2021.11.29 20:11 nevergonnagiveuupnev FWN Tournament #16

I am back! Thanks to u/Windigroo7 for taking after it for me. I’ve had exams, and couldnt find the time to post. Anyways, today we have Teddy Picker versus Do me a Favour. In my opinion, Do me a Favour is going to win by a landslide. Great songs, so get your vote in! Poll lasts 1 day.
View Poll
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2021.11.29 20:11 retroanduwu24 omg Brody

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2021.11.29 20:11 FrylockMcReaper Monday Night Football Drinking Game

Sips 1. Take a sip anytime Heineke scrambles for a positive gain 2. Take a sip anytime McLaurin makes a 1st down catch 3. Take a sip anytime McKissic gets a screen pass 4. Take a sip whenever Wilson gets sacked 5. Take a sip whenever the commentators mention Wilson bravely overcoming his finger injury
Finish 1. Finish your drink whenever someone mistakenly says "Redskins" 2. Finish your drink whenever the commentators compare Wilson to RG3 3. Finish your drink whenever someone calls our QB "Tyler" 4. Finish your drink whenever Wilson gets sacked 5. Finish your drink if Logan Thomas throws a pass
Shots 1. Take a shot if Slye hits a 50+ field goal 2. Take a shot if there is a kickoff/punt return TD 3. Take a shot if there is a safety 4. Take a shot if they mention Washington's new team name 5. Take a shot if they show Danny Boy celebrating in the booth
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2021.11.29 20:11 DENelson83 What would you call a very old aunt?

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2021.11.29 20:11 Samise01 Common painting!

Hi all, Redd is on my island selling a common painting (always real), DM me if interested!
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2021.11.29 20:11 justkanji Please add the option to choose servers

Hi there, I live in Israel and one game I get 60 ping (probably Paris or Frankfurt servers), other game I get 150 (This is the ping I usually get in na servers in games), which makes absolutely no sense. (playing ranked)
Please add the option to choose servers. (or if its available please help me find it)
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2021.11.29 20:11 Fgovalllove Ram question

I have a b450 tomahawk max and have two sticks of ram. When I put it in the first two slots it works but says it’s single channel and is not optimized because I should put in the 2nd and 4th slot but when I do it does 3 beeps and doesn’t turn on?
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2021.11.29 20:11 Brief_Society2736 onde vender nintendo switch??

comprei o switch em fevereiro e joguei bem pouco, só jogo caro e mal roda fortnite kkkk
não tô afim de vender on-line pq as comissões são gigantes e preciso aumentar mt o preço (qro 2 mil reais mais case mas tenho q anunciar por 2250)
algm está interessado/sabe loja q pode querer comprar pelo preço cheio? não tem nenhum defeito
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2021.11.29 20:11 _insomniac_dreamer Anyone got any winter lip balm recommendations?

I've always had problems with dry, cracking lips, and this year is especially bad with constant GI symptoms that means I'm not getting enough fluids (I'm waiting to see me GI doctor later this week).
I cant find a good lip balm that doesn't stay sticky/slimy on my lips but that prevents then from cracking and bleeding. I've tried Carmex (the stick ones and the tube ones), Burts Bees, Vaseline, and Nivea so really struggling to find one that works! Any help would be very much so appreciated
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2021.11.29 20:11 Cungeldsak14 Grenade Launcher that i Made

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2021.11.29 20:11 Jurisian00 Returning to the Eternal Crusade

The Black Templar release has gotten me back into 40k for the first time in almost a decade and it feels so good to be painting the boys in black once more. I have started rebuilding my crusading fleet over the last 30 days and have thus far assembled & painted up:
High Marshal Helbrecht gets in this week and I can't wait to get him painted up so that he can begin leading the fleet. While I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about the Primaris lore, the sculpts are absolutely gorgeous and it's amazing to see every model is now in plastic. It feels great to be excited about the game and painting again more than ever.
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2021.11.29 20:11 gabioum does anyone have a good price on turnip today plz😊

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2021.11.29 20:11 svanapps r/litecoin - Litecoin Could Rise as AMC Starts Accepting the ‘Silver’ of Crypto

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2021.11.29 20:11 Awesome_opossum49 After the update the game seems like it’s in slow motion

My computer is pretty good and runs all other mods fine, but as soon as I add Calamity it turns slow. I tried turning frame skip on and off and that didn’t work. I don’t think it’s an issue with my computer because it can run stuff like halo infinite fine at max settings, but maybe terraria is different. Playing with a friends with an even better pc and he can’t run it either.
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2021.11.29 20:11 Psnpsi My favorite character from 3:10 yuma Charlie prince

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2021.11.29 20:11 Familiar-Equal1805 Driver speeding with his car drives through the roundabout and flies away

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2021.11.29 20:11 FiveDollarRimjobs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is cast as Kevin in a reboot of the Home Alone movies. How excited would you be for this?

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2021.11.29 20:11 LittenClaw Oh look a hair strand. Oh well time to put it on the wall and disgust the next person who takes a shower

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