Short boys are the best honestly

2021.11.29 21:45 ahshitfuckme Short boys are the best honestly

literally born to receive headpats, sooooo cute
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2021.11.29 21:45 jrralls Peanuts joke about Christmas coming early

I have this memory of a Peanuts joke, could’ve been a cartoon or in one of the holiday specials, where they are complaining about Christmas decorations being for sale and the punchline being that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.
Does anyone know if that’s a real joke or not or if I’m just confusing that with something else?
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2021.11.29 21:45 notyourusualdurk I hate the downtown lights

I hate the holiday lights downtown!
This might be specific to me but I need to rant - I live in the lofts downtown and walk my dog every evening and the holiday lights and music drive me up the wall. I understand that it’s fun and exciting for families but could we not blare music for 4 hours every night when people are trying to enjoy their evenings at home? I’m totally fine with the lights and music show on the weekend which is when people seem to enjoy it anyway.
Anyone else who’s lived downtown for a few years - what’s your coping mechanism?
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2021.11.29 21:45 Total_Buyer_882 You guys listen to classical music ? Any recommendations ??

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2021.11.29 21:45 maque-choux-chef I've got a great Jersey Mike's story for you!

Hey there! Just wanted to share a humourous story from my Jersey Mike's days.
A little background I was a GM of a store some 13-14 years ago, for about 4 years. I started when I was 18 and really loved it. The owners were incredibly awesome, and treated us all well, had our backs, and paid great. We had a good time, it was the first JM in the city and super super busy. We eventually opened up 5 locations in the city, but this was the first, and busiest by far. We were making a name for ourselves, lines out the door, and all having a blast.
So anyway, we had a great relationship with our customers, and me being a teenager, I had gotten a lot of my friends jobs there and everything was hunky dorie..
We got word from some other local businesses, and regular customers in the industry that there had been a string of some people going around town stealing tip jars. The other sandwich shops, and Moe's/chipotle shops all had the same to say: two guys were going around and snatching the full tip jars off the counter and running out to a waiting car to speed off.
When I was called and told about it, I obviously told my crew, all fresh outta high school, and of course told some of my regs in casual conversation to be on the lookout..then together we had a genius idea..
The tip jar we were using at the time was one of the plastic gallon jugs that some of the veggies came in (not sure if they still use those or not) but it was a large clear plastic jug, we had removed the label and placed at the register.
Being such a busy store, we scored a good amount of tips, and it was full quite often.
So what I did was cut the jar, near the bottom, all the way around, and then taped it back together with lightweight clear tape. You couldn't tell by looking at it, and with all the change in the bottom of it, it was heavy to pick up.
Lo and behold a week or so after getting the "heads up be on the lookout" call, during a busy lunch rush, I'm on the slicer and hear a shout and see a dude panik running for the door.
He had tried to swipe the tip jar in the middle of the lunch rush, but my plan worked perfectly, the top of the jar came off, but all the money and change inside didn't come with it, it just spilled all over the counter. Meanwhile would-be robber got a fistful of half a gallon plastic jug, and a regular customer blocking his way.
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2021.11.29 21:45 tanarouge well... that's the situation in Sanctuary in my game.... can anyone help me? ahah :')

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2021.11.29 21:45 A-Khairi Conspiracy theory: Fazlija, the singer of the famous song 'Helikopter', was a descendant of Daddy Doug

Yeah. What do you think? Discuss below
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2021.11.29 21:45 J_Sto Aquarela (2019) - Has anyone seen this one and what are your thoughts?

I like watching water captured on film, and so have meant to catch AQUARELA for a while (I admit the choice was just that basic).
Has anyone else seen this film? I went in knowing very little and am at the halfway point, and it is not what I expected. There's an almost mundane sense to the extreme danger in one of the sequences. Would be curious to read your thoughts after I finish the second half tonight. There's not a lot of concentrated discussion yet online.
Originally I had planned to see the film in the theater, but they pulled the listing just before the weekend I was planning to go, and gave the screens to something else. I think Showtime streamed it for a while but no longer has it available. My library had the Blu-Ray, but not sure if it's on Kanopy (US).
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2021.11.29 21:45 iamveryeducated Half of the bottom tray does not go down correctly

Title. The left bottom half of my tray fits perfectly, but the other won't go down a certain point. Any solutions?
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2021.11.29 21:45 Aware_Discussion_537 Weebtoon where the hero becomes the antagonist.

Hey I'm looking for webtoon (manga/anime?) where the hero becomes the antagonist. I really like this mechanic especially when it's well done. I love to see what's going on in the hero's head and to see the reactions of the characters around him (help him ? fight him ? submit ? etc).
The best example I have so far is john in unordinary, Bam in tower of god, or in anime, eren in season 4 of snk and kaneki in season 2 of Tokyo ghoul.
Thanks in advance for your recommendations :))
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2021.11.29 21:45 benabramowitz18 What film franchise can go fuck off?

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2021.11.29 21:45 UpstairsEconomics836 What states sell Cimmaron Tequila?

I've heard good things about Cimmaron, but had no luck finding any on the East Coast. Anyone know of where it can be found?
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2021.11.29 21:45 squall-mtv Pokémon Brilliant Diamond • 60 FPS • 4K - Ryzen 5 3600 | Yuzu EA 2254

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2021.11.29 21:45 BallzCDeep HUT 8 Dump

FYI Meet Kevin dumped Hut 8 and alerted his members of this which is why the dump in the after hours. Can't wait to see what $HUT is in the morning if $BTC jumps.
Will this be a good play or bad?
I am just the messenger don't shoot me.
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2021.11.29 21:45 Rakasha_Brell Minimize 2d object during travel on a path.

Hello all, I am very new to blender and animation in general. I am working on making a few 2d animations and I am trying to have an object follow a path and minimize, so it seems like the object is getting smaller as it moves. Can anyone point me to settings or option to do this or a youtube video that explains this pretty well?
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2021.11.29 21:45 marsie796 Very very old oc in reference to a podcast from a couple years ago.. Props to anyone who can recall the episode

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2021.11.29 21:45 Thumper_777 Virtual Windows Question ...

My son has a Mac mini and installed a Virtual Windows on it and now he seems to have run out of room on the Virtual Windows but can't delete anything from it to free up that space again. Is there a way to do this? I truly don't understand this or how to help him.
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2021.11.29 21:45 JiMbORS [serious] What might a ~M50 want for Xmas?

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2021.11.29 21:45 blastinnn420 this happens to everyone

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2021.11.29 21:45 Jackybooboobear Subwoofer rattle

My sub is making a weird rattle noise. The bass still sounds good and I don’t think it’s blown because there’s no corruption to the audio or static hum. It’s Kindof on top of the existing bass. It also doesn’t start immediately and takes about 5-10 minutes of playing music to start rattling. Sometimes longer. I’ve talked to a few people and done minimal research and it from what I’ve learned their might be a screw loose inside of it or something if the sort. Does anyone have any other suggestions ?
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2021.11.29 21:45 Manada_2 Ainda estou perplexo com o post da pessoa reclamando da antecipação de salário. Caramba...esse país está ferrado de tantas formas inimagináveis que eu fico desnorteado

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2021.11.29 21:45 OrwellWasRight69 So, Finland's Green Party Youth Conference After Party Was Rather Enlightening . . .

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2021.11.29 21:45 Noganeto1 I wish i could play (And enjoy) this game just as you, but i can't. How do you guys manage to do it?

Allow me to explain myself:

Once i start a game in 1936 as some country (Usually a great power, like the USSR or Nazi Germany), i generally don't give a damn about the game's most complex contexts, just as deciding WHEN to send your troops at war (Because it is not the same result of either winning or losing a battle if it's either day or nighttime), considering the battlefield's biome (A troop cannot be good on every biome, which makes you to customize your troops template more carefully), considering how well-assembled is your research tree (I never understood why i had to research the most simple aspects, just as new weapons or some warship improvements), managing your Government (Yeah, i understand that kinda well, i mean, some politicians you choose raise up your Fascist/Communist/Democratic popularity, and some give you a fair quantity of speed in building certaing stuff and such, but there are some who, i just... have no idea of what does it mean (Reinforce rate? The heck is that?) and some other aspects!

Look, getting off-topic for a litle moment, i gotta confess it: I have Asperger Syndrome, and for me... the devil's not in the details for this game. Whenever i play this, i just see it as simple as it it: Build divisions, send them to war, and expect them to win. But for some reason, it is not that way. Sure, i can send up an entire squad of 24 divisions against France's east as Nazi Germany and see it have a low percentage of victory rate, but no, there's more than meets the eye: France has reinforced pretty well that part with fortresses, and that is why you cannot win against them. It is either invade the Benelux (The basic way) and attack France through that Northern weak point, or do the complex stuff and research and modify your templates in order to destroy those fortresses (The actually complex and fun to play way).

And don't get me started on air and naval combat!

TL:DR. Really, guys, how the heck can i even enjoy the game at it's fullest capacity instead of playing like a 5-year old kid who just simply does the basics and expects to win?
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2021.11.29 21:45 NeurotypicalPanda Help please. Will this work for the uvb instead of the thrive uvb dome?

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2021.11.29 21:45 Chairmanmaozedon What Happened?

My strongest fleet trying to chase down an enemy fleet, suddenly without warning went MIA, the system it went missing in is empty there's not even a starbase and it's showing less than 5% hull damage, it's tier 5 with multiple repeatables, 126k fleet power and no lost ships I'm absolutely baffled.
Can anyone tell me what's happened to it.
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