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---------------------------------Table of Contents-------------------------------------
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Chapter 22 l Chapter 23

Church of Cairro
24 Years After YFC

The congregation had done their best to continue the celebration of Teryn and Kriggary’s wedding.
Though the conversation had turned far from the wedding of the happy couple.
Sellenia searched through the group of people for Soardoria, and as she searched, she quickly gave in to her panic.
Soardoira, where are you?” Sellenia called out in her mind.
Soardoria answered her almost immediately, “Out back. With my mom.”
Sellenia slipped out as best she could and found a distraught Queen Shaldoria with her daughter.
“Mom, please,” Soardoria protested.
“Originally this wasn’t up for debate! All I wanted was for you to come back, take a mate to lay a few heirs and then I had little issue with you living with Sellenia,” Queen Shaldoria turned to Sellenia as she approached, “That was before that Ethereal Niteling showed up.”
“Does that really still count as a Niteling?” Sellenia asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I do not know what that was!” Queen Shaldoria shouted, clearly shaken, her eyes still wide with shock and fear.
Sellenia was unsure what to say, as she had never seen such a thing herself. Nor had she ever seen Queen Shaldoria as frightened as she was now.
Soardoria turned to Sellenia, “Mom’s… scared.”
“Soardoria!” Queen Shaldoria snapped, “How dare you!”
“Are you not?!” Soardoria shouted, “I’m scared!” she pointed to Sellenia, “And I know Sellie’s scared! But you know what, she still rushed in to do what she could!”
“As we all did,” Queen Shaldoria said, her brow furrowing as she began to pace.
“Mom tried to protect your parents, by the way,” Soardoria said, forcing a smile.
“You did?” Sellenia asked.
Queen Shaldoria’s mind was racing as she paced back and forth, “I did not want to see them harmed, no,” She said, “The Ragnarök appears and now this…?”
Sellenia frowned, “What does that mean?”
Queen Shaldoria glanced at Sellenia and then Soardoria, “Your banishment is lifted.”
“What?!” Sellenia shouted.
“You heard me,” Queen Shaldoria stated, “You and Soardoria are to come back to the Blue Hollow. There we will seal the door. Soardoria and you can select a mate for her brood and together you’re to raise the wyrmlings.”
Sellenia blushed, turning to Soardoria, “Wait, why the sudden change?”
“Calamity is coming,” Queen Shaldoria confessed, “Your appearance was a herald of a great time of death on this world. Us dragons can survive well enough if locked in our Hollow, but there’s little that can be done for the Nitelings.”
“You underestimate them,” Sellenia snapped.
Soardoria frowned, “Sellie… It sounds like mom just wants to be safe and protect the both of us,” she smiled, “And I’m kind of okay with her idea. If… If you are.”
Sellenia walked to Soardoria and hugged her tightly, “There’s nothing more I’d want than to settle down and raise your kids with you, okay? But… But I can’t abandon my family. We talked about this before, sure, but…” Sellenia turned to Queen Shaldoria, “Not yet.”
The Queen sighed, “You know how to return to our Hollow. If you wish to live the remainder of the time available you have with your family, so be it,” Shaldoria turned to Soardoria, “In the meantime, we must go home. I will not risk your life, my daughter.”
Soardoria turned to Sellenia, smiling, “I’m sure nothing bad is going to happen… But now that you can come back to the Hollow whenever, well… I know who the children’s father is going to be.”
Sellenia winced, “Who?”
“Zyphon,” Soardoria rolled her eyes.
“He’s your cousin…” Sellenia said, mildly disgusted.
“Yeah, well, first cousin yes, but there’s enough genetic differences where the children will be fine and there’s going to be zero attachment here,” Soardoria smiled to Sellenia, “I love you.”
Sellenia blushed.
Soardoria turned to her Mother, “You should see her Dragon form, mom. She’s beautiful.”
Shaldoria forced a smile, “I’m sure it’s lovely. We must go back to the Hollow,” Shaldoria explained.
Sellenia kissed Soardoria, “I’ll stay in touch, okay?”
Soardoria grinned, “We have all the time in the world. I don’t mind waiting.”
With that, the Queen and Soardoria took to the air, flying off into the distance.
Sellenia returned to the celebration, where Yuki quickly caught her.
“Where are the dragons?” Yuki whispered urgently.
“Mom?” Sellenia blushed, “What are you-”
“Shaldoria told me all about them,” Yuki said, pulling Sellenia aside, “Soardoria is a… Rex Dragon?”
Sellenia pursed her lips and nodded nervously.
Yuki’s eyes were wide, “What did they say is going to happen? Do they know?”
Sellenia’s eyes turned from Yuki for a moment as she tried to decide what to say to her mother.
“No more secrets, Sellie!” Yuki hissed.
Sellenia looked down to meet Yuki’s eyes, eventually speaking, “They say some kind of calamity is coming. I don’t know what that means, but… It doesn’t sound good.”
Yuki sighed, “Was it the Guardian showing up and finally naming Kriggary The Scribe Lord that made them think that?”
“Guardian?” Sellenia asked, “Wait, what do you mean finally naming Kriggary The Scribe Lord? You know he's the Scribe Lord?”
“Yes,” Yuki smiled, “I had a vision when I was pregnant with Kriggary that he’d be the Scribe Lord,” Yuki boasted, “Just didn’t expect it to be a Guardian to do it.”
Sellenia gave Yuki a strange look, “But, how are you so certain that it was a Guardian?!”
“I’ve… I’ve met one before,” Yuki explained.
“I’m sorry, What?!” Sellenia shouted.
Yuki pulled Sellenia outside, “Shush!”
“What do you mean you’ve met a Guardian before?!” Sellenia shouted.
“I mean that I’ve seen one,” Yuki explained, “I felt the same energy before. When I first came to Nite I… I had a vision. At first I thought it was just a drug fueled fantasy but… In the vision I met the Guardian Lucifer.”
Sellenia shivered, “Yeah, about Him…”
“The Guardian, Saint Michael and Lucifer? They had the same sort of aura about them,” Yuki hugged her shoulders as she shuddered, “A divine terror of sorts.”
Sellenia nodded, “The Guardian Lucifer…”
Yuki looked up to Sellenia, “What of him?”
Sellenia paused, but shifted from telling Yuki what she knew, to asking another question, “What did he look like?”
Yuki smiled, “He was… Well, he was a giant of sorts. Offered me tea. He had blonde hair and purple fire for eyes. Very regal looking - it’s those otherworldly eyes the two shared. The color is just different,” Yuki looked up, “I felt terrified and comforted at the same time. He spoke to me so sweetly. His wings were white and he was just so… Well… Kind and affirming. Guardian Lucifer granted me a wish.”
“A wish?” Sellenia asked.
“...I wished that he would protect my son,” Yuki turned to Sellenia, “My first son, Geoffrey.”
Sellenia winced, recalling what Kriggary had told her of Geoffrey.
Kriggary had sworn her to secrecy, hoping to keep what Geoffrey had become from Yuki.
“Right, so he's alive and well then,” Sellenia stated.
“Yes, as far as I know,” Yuki sighed, “At first I just thought I was crazy to have these thoughts but now…” Yuki smiled wide, “Now I know Geoffrey is alive and well. Somewhere out there.”
Sellenia looked up to the sky with Yuki, her smile fading as she did so.

The Void
Mining Mothership
25 Years After YFC

Geoffrey found himself in a large black room, wearing his flight suit, confused as he glanced around what appeared to be the void.
“Hello?” Geoffrey called out into the darkness.
A voice answered from the deep blackness, “Do you truly hate them? Your rivals?”
“Rivals?” Geoffrey asked, confused.
“The Niten Dragons,” the voice hissed in agitation.
“They killed my mother!” Geoffrey shouted.
“Did they?” The voice asked.
Kriggary’s voice echoed in the distant void, “We share the same mother, Yuki.”
Geoffrey narrowed his eyes, “That was nothing but lies! That dragon was trying to trick me!”
“Why?” the voice questioned.
Kriggary’s voice echoed once more, “Our mother is happy and healthy.”
Geoffrey screamed into the void, “Lies! She’s dead! My mother is dead! There is no way she’d ever be with some Dragon!”
She’s on Nite, living with her Life-mate, Serren,” Kriggary’s voice echoed.
Geoffrey covered his ears, his hands shaking as he did so.
It’s true!” Kriggary’s voice continued, “Our mother’s wings even lost most of their feathers, she has a small Niten tail…
“Stop it!” Geoffrey screamed, “If they turned her into a dragon I’d want her dead just to end her suffering!”
The dark voice from before echoed once more, now a bright violet light glowing in the distance, “You can end them all… Kriggary… Serren… the Niten Dragons… All of it…”
Geoffrey narrowed his eyes on the glowing violet light and walked towards it.
As he did, a massive form of the Planet Nite loomed behind a blackened shape, stars filling the void around them.
The darkened shape now slowly began to illuminate. It appeared to be the asteroid that Geoffrey had found. Carved into its center was a throne.
There, sitting in that throne, Geoffrey could see two violet wisps of flame.
Slowly the form of Lucifer was revealed. His armor battered and beaten, his eyes flickering with violet energy. Lucifer’s wings were wilted, his feathers blackened, appearing bare and disheveled.
“What the fuck…?” Geoffrey whispered.
Geoffrey Karkade,” Lucifer’s voice, even as weak as he appeared, boomed through the void, “I am the Guardian Lucifer.”
Geoffrey fell to his knees, “Shit… uh… Hi…” he bowed low.
You needn't kneel,” Lucifer called out, “I have lost my dominion over all. Now I have been cast out, thanks to those who favor the Niten Dragons over the Angels of Dei.”
“What?! How?!” Geoffrey shouted.
Lucifer held up his hand, “I have no time to tell you the story of my fall, boy. All I am here to do is show you where to place me.”
“Place you?” Geoffrey asked, eyes wide.
You wish vengeance upon Nite? So do I,” Lucifer’s voice boomed.
“Tell me how I can help?” Geoffrey asked.
You can do more than help,” Lucifer said as the image of Nite behind them spun around slowly, stopping abruptly at a specific spot.
Geoffrey looked at the location, seeing it lush and green. The landscape looked like it was a single continent that reached from the top of the globe down to the bottom. Another continent was to the right, a great ocean between them.
Geoffrey noted it appeared the two could fit together if they were closer.
Lucifer’s hand moved up, pointing to the center of the left-most continent, “Place me here.”
“There’s nothing there,” Geoffrey said, confused, “Just jungle.”
Look again,” Lucifer said, smiling as he pointed, the land vanishing and filling with the ocean waters while the land around it turned black and charred.
Geoffrey watched, eyes wide, as the sky turned brown and rapidly the entire planet was encased in dust.
Place me there and all on the surface shall not see sunlight for centuries. Every Niten Dragon will die,” Lucifer grinned, “And we will both have our revenge.”
Geoffrey’s look of awe now changed into a look of wicked determination, “Now you’re talking my language… But, why do you need me?”
My escape drained me of my power… For now, I rest in the void. But once I am placed upon Nite, I’ll begin to gain my strength once more,” Lucifer smiled, “So boy, what will it be? Leave me adrift? Or send me to Nite.”
Geoffrey didn’t hesitate, “Pack your bags,” he chuckled, “You’re going to Nite.”
Lucifer grinned wickedly, “Then go. Let My Will be done!”

Geoffrey sat up with a start, his heart racing as the dream replayed in his head.
Everything was so vivid, so real, not like dreams he had before which faded after he woke.
Geoffrey looked around the room, running his hands through his hair as it floated in the low gravity.
Jax floated past his bunk, “Time to rise and shine flyboy. They want a full scan on that fucking mountain you spotted a few months back. Hustle!”
“R-right,” Geoffrey said as he unbuckled himself from the bed and began to dress himself.
Geoffrey performed his normal tasks, though he was driven. Was his vision correct? Over the past few months, he was pouring over maps of Nite endlessly. It made sense he’d see maps and schematics in his dreams.
Geoffrey strapped himself into his bubble-ship, looking at his own reflection in the glass of the small craft.
As he did, he locked eyes with himself.
What if mom is alive down there?” Geoffrey thought as his bubble ship floated away from the mining mothership.
The thought of a painful transformation flashed in his mind. His mother waking up with horns and claws and her feathers falling out. He imagined her screaming in horror.
Geoffrey shook the thought from his mind, “If she’s in pain, then this will be an end to her suffering. But she’s likely not alive. How can I trust what that lizard said?”
Geoffrey slipped the sun visor down on his helm, hiding his face in his reflection and turned towards Nite, where his reflection was overshadowed by the objects in front of him.
Jax’s voice soon clicked on over the radio, “Geoffrey, you read?”
“I read you,” Geoffrey shouted over the comms as he set a course for Sector twelve once more, following the beacon from his tracker.
Jax was now in tow, his own bubble-ship floating alongside Geoffrey.
“Why you got your visor down? Sun glaring in your eyes too much?” Jax chuckled, his face bare.
“No,” Geoffrey said as he kept his heading, “It’s protocol for helms to be on, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, sure, for green-feathers like you. I know how to keep my cabin pressure up,” Jax teased.
“I’m sure the meteorites outside your ship respect your choices,” Geoffrey chuckled.
“Guardian you are like your mother,” Jax rolled his eyes, reaching for his helmet and putting it on, “You happy, flyboy?”
“You know I hate that name, don’t you?” Geoffrey scoffed to himself as they flew towards the beacon.
By the time they arrived, the sun was setting on the far side of Nite.
“We’re in the shadow, time to light it up,” Jax said as a pair of lights powered on in front of Jax’s bubble ship.
As the lights hit the massive asteroid, fractals of blue and violet light flickered off the surface.
“Oh, ain’t she a beaut!” Jax laughed over the coms.
Geoffrey turned his lights on next, taking measurements of the object, but glancing at Nite. He could see, off in the distance, the target Lucifer had revealed to him while he was dreaming.
“She’s a beaut,” Geoffrey said as he flew around the large asteroid. He eventually reached the location he had seen Lucifer’s throne.
As his lights moved to the location, a flash of violet nearly blinded Geoffrey and would have if his visor had not been down. Once the flash of light faded there was nothing more than a large, yet smooth indentation on the surface.
“Well, you found this giant, what are you gonna name it?” Jax asked.
Geoffrey smiled, “The Throne of Lucifer," he announced.
“Fancy,” Jax laughed, “Well, we’ll see if we can’t find him in all that rock and debris! I’m hooking in the tow lines on the southern quadrant.”
“I’ll see about anchoring the north,” Geoffrey said as he flew to the side facing away from Nite. That’s where he saw the location Lucifer had revealed to him in his dream.
Geoffrey pulled up a few programs and started a long range scan of the planet Nite.
“Come on… Confirm it…” Geoffrey said under his breath.
Jax called out over the coms, “Guardian Geoffrey! This bastard is 15 kilometers in diameter. That’s gotta be a record. This will be a tow and local mine job. No way they’re going to land this thing.”
“So we’d need orbital adjustment thrusters?” Geoffrey asked with a smile, launching a few small devices onto the eastern side of the asteroid as he performed some calculations.
The devices clicked against the asteroid's surface, beginning to glow as they did so.
“Gotta do it on the south side kid. Remember we’re kicking her away from Nite and towards Dei,” Jax shouted into the comm.
“Not my plan,” Geoffrey’s heads-up display screen ignited in red lights, all showing the same message.
“Praise the Guardian,” Geoffrey said, pressing a button on his bubble ship that caused the small thrusters he placed there to light up.
“Did you activate your orbiter thrusters on that thing?! Hey, flyboy!” Jax shouted over the coms.
“What’s that Jax? I can't hear you,” Geoffrey chuckled over the radio.
“Damn it kid!” Jax continued to scream, “I’m coming over there to disable that shit! Those thrusters run too long, you're going to send this thing right into the planet!”
Geoffrey saw on his radar that Jax was moving to intercept him. He quickly spun his ship around and headed towards Jax, “I’ve had one goal my whole life, Jax, and that’s to take revenge for my mother’s death!”
Jax appeared around the edge of the asteroid, but just as he did, Geoffrey spun his ship around, hitting his thrusters full tilt, blasting Jax’s ship hard with the afterburner exhaust trails.
Geoffrey saw Jax’s ship flying towards the asteroid, and as he turned, he watched as it was heading right for the surface.
Jax struggled in his bubble ship. He didn’t expect Geoffrey to do something as dangerous as to point his ship’s afterburners at him. Jax looked up to see the surface of his bubble-ship’s glass had been melted.
Worse, the change in the glass’s shape and temperature wasn’t helping it’s structural integrity. The glass began to crack.
Jax reached for a small hand-held rescue device behind his seat. A new request of his. With it, he could exit the bubble ship and fly a short distance in the void, using this to direct and control his movement.
Jax grabbed the device, dubbed the ‘rescue buoy’, and fired explosive bolts from the front of his ship, removing the glass before it could shatter.
With the buoy, he managed to fly out just as his bubble ship would have crashed against the asteroid’s surface, where it proceeded to bounce off and spin out of control.
Jax used the buoy to push himself to the surface of the asteroid, where he called out to Geoffrey over the coms, “After that little stunt, you better get your ass over here and help me out!”
“I got a better idea,” Geoffrey laughed as he flew to Jax’s spinning ship.
Geoffrey launched a few tethers to the damaged vessel and then reached out with a mechanical arm, grabbing some equipment from the ship.
“You getting me a lifeboat?” Jax asked, worry creeping into his voice as he held onto the asteroid’s surface via a small outcropping of rock in one hand, his buoy strapped to his wrist.
Geoffrey laughed, releasing the ship and heading back to the asteroid, “More like just making sure everything is all set for what I’ve got to do.”
“What you've got to do is save me, Geoffrey!” Jax shouted, desperate now as he saw Geoffrey’s ship pass him by.
“Oh no, Jax! Your comms are breaking up… I can’t hear you!” Geoffrey said with a grin as he fired yet more thrusters against the side of the asteroid. Some harvested from Jax’s own ship.
“Kid! Don’t do this, okay?! Listen to me, if you don’t want to save me, think of your mom!” Jax shouted into the comms.
Now, as Jax shouted, the comms were breaking up. “Good bye, Jax,” Geoffrey said with a satisfied smile as he saw the notes on his heads up display.
Jax looked to his buoy and to the mining mothership out in the distance. While the buoy could help him travel short distances and control small movements in the void, it didn’t have the fuel to take him all the way to the mothership. Jax tried his communications once more, “Base, this is Jax! I’ve been stranded - I need help, over!”
Jax only heard static.
Geoffrey waved from his bubble ship and flew back towards the mining mothership, “Mothership this is Geoffrey, callsign Sigma One. There’s been an accident: Jax, callsign Alpha Two, isn’t answering his comms and his ship made contact with the object in sector twelve. I attempted to rescue but he is not inside his pod.”
Geoffrey smiled as he heard the response, “Sigma One, we hear you: Do you have any sign of him? Short Range Comm chatter or anything?”
“No base,” Geoffrey smiled as he disabled his tracking device on Lucifer’s Throne, “And the collision appears to have damaged our quarry.”
“Return to base for a full debrief. We’ll scan the area for him,” the command announced.
“Will do,” Geoffrey smiled, “Tell mom I said ‘hi’ Jax,” Geoffrey’s smile faded, “And that I’m sorry you had to go.”
As Geoffrey flew off, Jax was shaking from the cold void penetrating his suit.
While the suits were mildly insulated, they were not designed for long term space walks. Short term emergencies like depressurization was common, but it was rare to be completely launched out of the vessel.
“Y-You little fuck-k-ker…” Jax said, his teeth chattering as he watched Geoffrey’s ship fly off into the distance.
Jax leaned against the large asteroid's hard blackened surface, closing his eyes, “D-Damn it… Not like th-this. So-someone p-please, save me.”
Jax felt a few pebbles brush against him on his right.
Just then he turned to see a massive Angelic figure with wisps of violet flame in place of its eyes. The angel moved silently in the void, looking down on Jax curiously.
Jax had to blink a few times, trying to clear his eyes from tears of anger and grief, “W-What the f-f-fuck…?”
Looming over him was the form of Lucifer, who reached out, plucking Jax from the surface.
“H-Help me!” Jax called out, shocked at what he saw.
Lucifer looked out to the mining mothership and then to the asteroid’s surface, “My deepest apologies, my child,” Lucifer’s voice rang out inside Jax’s head, “But if you returned… Geoffrey would be in danger,” Lucifer turned to Jax, “And I promised I would protect Yuki’s sons. If you happen upon a Guardian named Uriel, do inform him that you stood in my path. That alone should grant you access to Elysium.”
“Wh-what?!” Jax shouted as Lucifer slammed Jax’s body against the asteroid.
In an instant, Jax’s visor shattered and his lungs and heart burst inside of him as every molecule of air was ripped from his body.
Jax’s body then froze solid in the next instant.
Dust to dust,” Lucifer said, lifting Jax’s body up from the asteroid and smashing it against it once more.
This time, Jax’s frozen body shattered into shards, blasting away from the asteroid, some striking Lucifer in the face, “Farewell, Elijah.”
Lucifer turned to Geoffrey's bubble-ship as it flew off, “You did well boy,” Lucifer turned his attention to Nite, “Now, it’s on me to fulfill my part.”
With that, Lucifer moved back to the indentation of the massive asteroid, folding his wings around himself and vanishing against the blackness of the asteroid around him.

Church of Cairro
24 Years After YFC

Teryn’s back slid against the door of her and Kriggary’s room after a long and tiring day.
Kriggary sat on his bed, a smile on his face that had yet to leave since the actual wedding began.
Teryn turned to Kriggary, a worried look on her face, “Riggary… I have a whole lot of questions.”
Kriggary turned to her, grinning wide, “Anything.”
Teryn smiled, “First, unzip me?”
Kriggary chuckled, undoing Teryn’s dress.
Teryn let out a sigh of relief, “This was so heavy,” she smiled, lifting up her horns from a small tiara, “I think I might make an everyday one… Might help me fit in, and I mean, one more accessory can’t hurt,” Teryn beamed.
Kriggary chuckled, “I was surprised to see you wearing them!”
Teryn slipped out of her dress, now only in her bodice and stockings. She lay down on the bed near Kriggary, “What is a Scribe Lord?”
“I’m essentially the head of the Church,” Kriggary said happily, “Though I’m shocked that they have chosen a priest as new as me for such a divine purpose.”
Teryn nodded, pulling Kriggary’s hand towards her, looking over the strange symbol etched upon it, “And… And this?” She ran her hand over the marred flesh tenderly, “Does it hurt?”
“Not at all,” Kriggary assured her.
“What’s it all mean?” Teryn asked.
Kriggary smiled as he looked over the strange seal on his hand, “It’s said that, in the hour of Nite’s greatest need, a Scribe Lord will be chosen by the Guardians. That this Scribe Lord has with him the purpose of protecting all of Nite.”
Teryn laid her head down on Kriggary’s lap, “I don’t suppose… You might be able to protect Dei too?”
Kriggary smiled down at Teryn, “You’re worried about Cleopatra?”
Teryn nodded, “She’s… Pat’s different, you know? She’s got all this responsibility and power and…” Teryn sighed, “I should be there to comfort her. I wish we had been able to stay but… I’m so worried about them, Kriggary.”
“I’m worried about Dei too,” Kriggary sighed, looking up, “I’m sure what happened between Geoffrey and I was a misunderstanding. Maybe… I didn’t translate something right.”
Teryn’s eyes looked up to Kriggary’s as she laid on him, “Riggary, can I be honest with you?”
“Certainly,” Kriggary said with a wide smile.
“You gotta give up on Geoffrey,” Teryn asserted, “He’s a lost cause. He’s not going to ever change his mind and I think if we do ever see him again…” Teryn picked up Kriggary’s hand, looking it over, “I’m afraid you’re going to need to use your Protector of Nite title against him.”
Kriggary looked down to Teryn, “Do you honestly think he would harm someone?”
Teryn glared at Kriggary, “I get that you’re a priest, Riggery, but you’re not an idiot! He shot you!”
“But we’re brothers, I don’t-” Kriggary was cut off.
“Twice!” Teryn pointed out, “It’s not like his gun misfired! He tried to kill you! And if it weren’t for your thick scales you’d be dead!” Teryn shouted.
Kriggary was silent as he looked away.
“Okay listen,” Teryn said, her voice calming, “I didn’t mean to yell but… You’ve gotta face reality sometime Kriggary.”
Kriggary nodded slowly, “No, y-you’re right. He’s so set in his ways but…” He smiled back to her, “If I can talk to him again, should he ever come here, I know I can show him the truth. I can bring love into his heart and we can live in harmony.”
Teryn sighed sweetly, a smile growing on her face, “And that’s why I love you. You big scaly lug,” Teryn said as she rolled her eyes.
Kriggary chuckled, “Well, in other affairs… It is our wedding night.”
“And I am already out of my dress,” Teryn said as she rolled over and climbed into Kriggary’s lap, “I love you, Riggary.”
“And I love you, Ryn.”

Teryn’s Glitter Nails and Claw Spa
25 Years After YFC
Teryn waved at a rather large female Niten Dragon who had just gotten her horns adorned with a coating of glitter as well as shimmering gems. The red Niten woman was ecstatic.
“Oh thank you! My mate is going to be so surprised to see this! Thank you Mrs. Misho!” the red Niten Dragon gushed.
“You’re very welcome!” Teryn said in her best Niten, which was improving. Despite this, she rubbed her throat and walked back into her spa, getting a large glass of juice. “Oh, speaking Niten is rough on the throat!” Teryn lamented in Dei.
“You’ll get used to it,” Sellenia said, as she walked into the spa, “Last customer?”
“Yes! We are closed, no more walk-ins!” Teryn laughed as she shook her finger at Sellenia. Teryn wore a blue beautician's smock which was covered in all manner of glitter, as well as a pair of black horns attached to a small headband slipped under her hair. The horns were clearly foam, curvy and the black contrasted with her crimson red hair.
Sellenia chuckled as she looked at Teryn’s faux horns.
“You want some?” Teryn grinned, “I’ve got like, twenty! I’ve been practicing new styles on them! Best part,” Teryn did a twirl, “I get to model the samples!”
Sellenia laughed, “No, I’m good. Maybe I’ll ask Ragna,” Sellenia snickered.
“I wanna shine the violet dragon. You bring her in here!!” Teryn mock chastised.
Sellenia laughed, closing the door behind her, “So, mind if I borrow your voice again?”
Teryn rolled her eyes, “And why my voice again? Can’t you program your little kitchen sink?”
“Synchronous is her name,” Sellenia corrected, “We only call her Sync, for shorthand!”
“Okay, okay,” Teryn smiled, “Lemme get out of my work clothes and lock up, and we’ll get to it!” Teryn said as she headed behind the counter, “Lock the front for me?”
Sellenia flipped an ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed’ and then locked the front door, drawing the blinds. Sellenia turned to the counter, calling out to Teryn, “Where’s Kriggary?” Sellenia asked.
Teryn shouted from behind the counter, “He’s with lil’ Ron.”
Sellenia sat down near the counter, “Isn't his name Ronnie?”
“Yeah,” Teryn shouted, agitation in her voice as she did so, “Guardian I wish we could change his name,” Teryn beamed, “But, he’s a sweetheart and he likes it. Say it reminds him of his birth parents, can’t take that from him, you know?”
“I’m sorry you two couldn’t have… Your own,” Sellenia empathized.
“Pft!” Teryn said giggling, as she came out of the back in a tight fitting white long sleeved off the shoulder bodysuit and blue jeans, “This is so much better! I didn’t have to pop the kid out, we skipped the diaper phase and Kriggary and him have so much fun! Adopting a twelve-year-old was the best idea we ever had!”
“I’m glad to hear he’s doing well,” Sellenia said as she tapped on a small device, “Allset?”
“Showtime!” Teryn said as she struck a silly pose and walked over to Sellenia, “Okay, what is it today? Niten phrases, Dei phrases? I’m not doing that weird grunting thing… Am I?”
Sellenia smiled, “That ‘Weird grunting’ was to teach Sync some natural sounding vocal cues so that each word can chain together more naturally when she speaks. We’re hoping she can maybe start reading out important alerts. They’re even talking about putting her up into Deepsight.”
“Oh Guardian, my voice is going across the stars?” Teryn asked, looking unnerved.
“Maybe,” Sellenia said with a smile.
“Listen, if aliens find it and start worshipping me, I’m holding you responsible, Lenni,” Teryn said with a mischievous smile.
“D...Do not call me that,” Sellenia hissed.
“You’re just like your mom,” Teryn grinned.
Sellenia looked up and handed the small device to Teryn, “Just read these couple of sentences.”
Teryn picked up the device, frowning, “The Quick Brown Ripper Jumped Over the Lazy Bronzi?”
“Yep, now I need you to read that back as if you were in distress, then as if you were trying to say something urgent and then read it as if you were excited about something,” Sellenia instructed.
Teryn rolled her eyes, “Fine,” and re-read the lines to the small device.
After a few moments, a voice not unlike Teryn’s spoke from the small box, “Voice Modulation Program, Updated.”
“Oh that’s creepy!” Teryn cringed, handing the device back to Sellenia.
Sellenia smiled, “Yeah, well, people like the sound of your voice Teryn. They find it soothing,” Sellenia encouraged, “I tried it and everyone said I sounded ‘scary’!”
I said you sounded scary,” Teryn corrected.
Walking past the shop, something caught Sellenia’s eye, “Is that Tassel?”
Teryn turned and gasped, watching as Tassel limped past the shop.
Tassel’s face was battered, parts of her yellow scales appeared torn or bruised. A bandage was wrapped around her right eye with bloodstains on it, her right arm was in a sling.
Behind her she was dragging something under a bloodied and large canvas.
Sellenia rushed out, “Tass?!”
Tassel turned to Sellenia, a stone look on her face, “I’m going to your father’s. I have something to show him.”
“What happened?!” Teryn shouted.
“I’ll show you when we get there,” Tassel said as she continued to walk forward, her good arm dragging the cart behind her.
“Tassel, let me-” Sellenia offered before Tassel growled at her, loudly.
“No!” Tassel snapped.
Teryn staggered back on her black high heeled boots, blinking in shock at Tassel’s reaction.
I need to do it,” Tassel growled as she continued to walk.
“Okay… Are you… Are you physically okay? Did you see a doctor?” Sellenia asked as they walked down the streets.
“Yes,” Tassel said as they walked, “I’m not my mother. I won’t give up just because I’m mortally wounded.”
“You’re mortally wounded?!” Teryn shouted.
“I was,” Tassel explained as they continued to walk, “But they cleared me at the hospital. Told me I could go home and take it easy. Which I’ll do, once I deliver this to Serren.”
Sellenia turned to Teryn and the two shared a shrug as they continued to accompany Tassel on her laborious task.
After a good hour, they arrived at Serren and Yuki’s home.
Tassel reached the ground floor doorway, knocking three times.
Serren eventually opened the door, “Tassel?! Oh My Guardians what happened to you?!” he shouted, looking her over, “Have you seen a doctor?! What on all of Nite…”
Tassel whipped the canvas off of the cart.
On it was the massive head of a Scavenger. The Scavenger ’s neck was covered in bloody gashes and still oozed fresh blood.
The smell was potent as well.
Serren took a step back, in shock.
Tassel’s claw moved to a bit of bare bone on its snout. Here it looked like an old wound was on the side of the creature’s face, it’s eye was also covered in old scar tissue, “You see this? This was Allia Misho’s marks on it.”
“A-Allia?” Serren gasped, his eyes growing wide.
Tassel moved her hand forward, showing multiple claw marks along the Scavenger’s mighty snout, “And these were the marks Murrika Wan left on it.”
Sellenia’s eyes went wide, “Tassel… You…”
“And this?” Tassel explained as she lifted the head up, showing the Scavenger's severed throat, “Are the marks I left on it.”
Serren fell to his knees, his eyes watering.
Tassel fell with him, hugging him close, tears leaking from her good eye as Serren cried, “I did it… Uncle Serren… I avenged both of my mothers, for us.”
Serren wept against Tassel’s shoulder, hugging her tightly as he did so.
Teryn turned to the creature, looking up to Sellenia, “The hunters hunt… Those things?!”
“No,” Sellenia stated, looking the creature over, “Those things hunted the hunters.”
Serren sniffled, smiling to Tassel, his hand moving over her face, “Oh… Oh, she’d be so very proud of you. Both of them. But Allia? Oh, Allia would be singing your praises for years.”
Tassel choked out a sob, trying to dry her eyes.
Yuki rushed out, “Serren, is everything…” Yuki’s eyes went wide, “Oh my Guardians… Is that…?”
“I got it, Yuki!” Tassel boasted, tears running down her cheeks, “I got that murderous lizard!”
Yuki smiled, her eyes watering as well, “Murrika would be proud of you.”
“I didn’t give in like she did,” Tassel said, looking at her arm, “I’m going to heal and I’m going to get right back out there! Just wait and see!”
“If anyone can, it’s you,” Serren said with a broad smile on his face.
Sellenia smiled wide as she watched the touching moment unfold.
Sellenia’s smile faded, however, as the light around them flickered, everything darkened around them.
“Uh, guys, the sky’s on fire!” Teryn shouted, her eyes looking upward.
Sellenia looked up to see a massive object hurtling through the air high above them. It burned with a mixture of violet and red fire, leaving a dark black cloud behind it as it roared overhead.
Serren looked up, eyes wide, “What is that?”
Yuki walked out of her home, her eyes looking to the massive object as it headed due west, “That’s… That’s an asteroid.”
Sellenia turned to Yuki, “You mean a meteor…?”
“No,” Yuki said solemnly, “That’s a full blown asteroid.”
The massive fireball trailed off into the distance and vanished far over the horizon.
“Those are supposed to break up when they enter the atmosphere, right?” Teryn asked, “By the time they hit it’ll just be a pebble?”
Yuki’s eyes moved back and forth over the long dark trail of smoke left behind by the giant inferno.
Many Niten Dragons had poked their heads out of their homes looking up to the sky in surprise and fear.
“Go to the church and pack your bags,” Yuki instructed as she turned to Teryn, “Go tell Kriggary.”
Teryn nodded and rushed off.
Sellenia turned to Yuki, “Mom I-”
Yuki turned to Sellenia, “Sellie, that thing is at least ten kilometers in diameter. I’ve seen rocks like that out in the void, usually not close enough to impact us but…” Yuki looked out over the horizon.
“Maybe it will hit the ocean?” Sellenia offered.
“Sellie…” Yuki closed her eyes, looking to Tassel and Serren, “Come on. We gotta get going. I have to call Rezzolina.”
“Why?!” Serren shouted.
“Because it doesn’t matter if it hits land or water first!” Yuki shouted, her hands shaking, “That thing is a planet killer. We have to get off of Nite and make our way to Deepsight.”
Sellenia shook her head, “No! It isn’t going to be as bad as you think! It can’t be!” A bright flash of light filled the air.
Sellenia turned and her eyes went wide as over in the horizon, a massive fireball rose up into the air.
The cloud was so massive, that even though it was thousands of kilometers from Cairro, they could still see the fire rising up.
The cloud rose higher and higher into the air, massive balls of fire crested from it’s epicenter. After a few moments of this, they felt the shockwave hit them. It was so powerful, even from so far away, that it kicked up dust and debris into the air.
Yuki shouted, “I told you!” she rushed inside, shouting, “If we want to survive this, we have to get off of Nite!”
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However, my save file is on my american Psn account, with the european disc. Will I be able to play the DLC with the save file on my american Psn account? I've heard something about a setting "Set this as my primary Ps4" to be used on the european psn account that might let me access the european dlc on my american psn account
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