what are my privacy rights to trans and anxiety services in the uk?

2021.11.29 20:07 MH_Throwaway7 what are my privacy rights to trans and anxiety services in the uk?

im 16 (17 next yr) live with my mum and some other unsupportive family members. i want to speak to my GP about a gender dysphoria diagnosis (possibly through the NHS pilot scheme) and some possible anxiety treatment maybe. i dont want anybody at all to know im doing this.
I wont be seeking HRT/surgery on the nhs, i just want my diagnosis. As for the the anxiety, i already attend counselling (how do i spell it?) in college, im not too sure on what the GP could do with that one, i’d just like to discuss some things ig
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2021.11.29 20:07 ArtWorldBlog Rose Drawing Easy Guide

Hi again everyone. You might like to try our latest Drawing Tutorial ‘Rose Drawing Easy Guide.’ There's also a free bonus eBook 'How to Draw Like a Pencil Pro,' for anyone who signs up to the mailing list!
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2021.11.29 20:07 missanthropolis How do you get rid of the margins around a page? I think it's causing cut errors.

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2021.11.29 20:07 ApocalypseRj Preposterous

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2021.11.29 20:07 Baimu91 Top 8 Irakli vs David?

Sorry if I missed the information but as far as I know the fight was scheduled on 28th November. I've tried to check instagram but can't find anything. Does anybody know if it was rescheduled or what happened?
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2021.11.29 20:07 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Travel bans won’t work to stop the omicron variant | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.11.29 20:07 onur_ramazan [Academic] Effectiveness of Different Types of Messages About Influenza (Everyone, 18+)

This study aims to understand the effectiveness of different types of messages about influenza. Everyone aged 18 or above is welcome to fill in the survey. It will take around 20 minutes. We would like to have your participation. Thank you in advance!
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2021.11.29 20:07 Ordinary_Craft Canva Graphics Design Course | Learn and Earn Online

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2021.11.29 20:07 Amandala_enterART Our weekly update is here!!

Let’s start our weekly update on a high note: in the last week we have gained more than 20 000 new followers on our Twitter page!
The growth we have seen is joint effort by the enter community and team. We’ve been engaging crypto influencers and supporters to spread the word about our multi-currency update as well as the other most recent features in the enterverse. Be on the lookout for new articles, ads and highlights from enter.

Development update
Last week we successfully added multi-currency support to enter.art. This means artists and collectors choosing enter as their platform can now choose between three currencies when they sell their NFTs. - The hyper deflationary $NFTART - Our governance token. A highly volatile currency at the moment, but with a huge growth potential in the long run. - The now also deflationary $BNB - The native and most liquid coin of the Binance smart chain. Or for the risk averse - $BUSD - the most liquid dollar-pegged stablecoin on the Binance smart chain.
In addition to giving artists and collectors more choices when they list their art - payments in these new currencies will also be adding a net buy pressure to the NFTART token.
Since then we have switched our development focus towards DeFi - where we are working on $NFTART staking with NFT rewards, NFT farming and other innovations.

Farm & pools Our farm and pools on Autoshark has been extended for another month.
Farm: APY 452.12% | APR 170.86% Pool: $nftart/$fins APR: 266% | $nftart/$jaws APR: 213%

Quality of life update
- A bug that made some NFTs go missing from the owned tab is solved for affected users - Added profile sale stats for enter.audio - Added "placeholder-animation" for NFT cards. When image is not loaded -> animated placeholder will be shown - Added "placeholder-animation" for NFT details page. When image/covevideo is not loaded -> animated placeholder will be shown - Load testing gallery, owned and home page on enter.art - Rebuilt profile page to work much faster - New footer implementation with live NFTART price - Global, visual improvements

Sold section
The sold section and logic in the categories on enter.art is undergoing iterative upgrades, and per wish from you we have decided to include multi mints in the sold section. Up until now only exclusive 1/1 pieces have showed up there, which has given a wrong impression of the number of NFTs sold across our platform.
Binance Bruno Upgrade / Hardfork As many of you know, Binance smart chain has been highly congested in the past weeks. With transactions, users and volume constantly crushing through new all time highs, the upgrade to facilitate for that type of growth can’t come fast enough. The rise in numbers affected the whole BSC network including the enter platforms. It caused congestions on the network leading to transactions failing, as well as making our internal blockchain data sync slow. The good news is that Tomorrow (30.11) Binance smart chain will undergo a hardfork (Bruno upgrade). With the upgrade there will be applied bug fixes and the node sync is being improved by 60%. On top of that, BNB will become deflationary by burning a chunk of the gas fees.
📷 Q&A
Q: How are they going to fix artists having to constantly re list their work every time theres a price change? A: Artists are now able to list their works in BUSD to avoid price fluctuations if that is something they wish.
Q: Will it be possible to sell old NFTs with BNB or BUSD? A: Yes, any NFT can be listed in any currency. It does not matter if its old or new.
Q: What will be in enter.games? Will it be gaming NFT's or will it be a full fledge game(s)? A: enter.games will be a game assets marketplace with built in gamification features. The marketplace will be geared towards gamefi & metaverse assets.
Q: When will we have an AMA or a CEO talk? I ask on behalf of several posts asking the same just through the past week. A: We will start having monthly team talks with a variation of the enter core and development team including guests and artists. More details will follow in next weeks update.
Q: When can we expect to no longer be on Pancake Swap V1 A: That would be up to Pancakeswap and not us. We don’t own their smart contracts, and its outside of our hands. The LP tokens connected to the deployer account was burned in March, so the only ones that would potentially be able to shut down V1 and move the liquidity would be PancakeSwap. 📷
As always: In the enter communities, we value and respect each other. We do not tolerate hate, racism or judgemental behaviour. We love people in all shapes, sizes and colours from all corners of the world. We come together to enjoy NFTs, crypto, community and blockchain technology. Stay SAFU and be kind 📷
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2021.11.29 20:07 billwoodcock Resellers you'd care to recommend?

I'm used to having a direct ordering relationship with Cisco, but I'm about to need to order a bunch of UCS servers for someone else, so I'm going to need to use a reseller for the first time in a long time. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm shopping strictly on discount level, I won't need any support. Total list price of the stuff in the order is about $1.2M, but might grow.
Thanks much for any pointers.
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2021.11.29 20:07 Defiant_Race_7544 Omicron poses 3 major threats to the US economy, says Jerome Powell

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2021.11.29 20:07 konraddo49 L'inconnu

Je m'appelle Conrad et puis à ce moment-là j'avais 12 ans et j'étais seul chez moi en train de regarder un film d'action dans le salon on avait 2 chambres à l'étage et puis une chambre tu étais derrière le salon on a fait deux portes d'entrée une dans le salon mais vieille est abîmé et une autre dans le couloir et celle-ci venait juste d'être mise une porte c'est donner sur un parking et l'autre en face d'un bar pendant la nuit que j'étais en train de regarder ce film je entendais une personne taper à la porte qui n'était pas fermée à clé puis il tapait au fenêtre alors dans l'action j'ai fermé les portes à clé et je me suis cantine dans une chambre à l'étage où il y avait une petite pièce dans le mur et j'ai mis un petit meuble dessus pour pas voir le trou avec un petit espace pour voir ce qu'il se passe dans cette chambre je regarder dans ce petit espace je voyais un intrus tu étais dans la maison et on dirait il était pourri un drogué il chantonnait une comptine de Noël puis il est redescendu et il a mis la maison en désordre et heureusement qu'il y avait un endroit où je pouvais me cacher car quand il est parti je suis descendu pour voir ce qu'il s'est passé et il avait plus le gros coup de couteau de cuisine du coup j'ai appelé ma mère et la police et ils ont retrouvé cette personnes et il a essayer de rentrer plusieurs fois dans des maisons en cassant les fenêtres et les portes je n'ai plus jamais eu de nouvelles je sais cette personne et maintenant à chaque fois il y a quelqu'un qui passe devant la maison et qui s'arrête je regarde tout le temps par la fenêtre à l'étage pour savoir qui c'est et je ferme toujours les portes à clé alors soyez prudent
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2021.11.29 20:07 Smart-Letterhead-921 Hairy situation

George gets invited to participate in a threesome and finds out the girls don’t shave their legs. Jerry tells a joke to a YouTuber who steals it and goes viral as a result. Elaine meets a dreamy man and finds out he made out with his cousin when he was a teen. Kramer looks for the best donut in the city.
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2021.11.29 20:07 kascnef82 amc Orpheum needs a redo

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2021.11.29 20:07 VirtualStick7296 Interview with AGP identified Transwoman

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2021.11.29 20:07 krypto-news-deutsch Microstrategy buys 7,002 more Bitcoins and grows crypto stock to 121,044 BTC - News - Crypto News

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2021.11.29 20:07 Goldie46 [SEALS] ANNOUNCE 2021-22 ROSTER

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2021.11.29 20:07 Mysterious_Branch455 sansevieria “masoniana” or “grandis” - see comment for details

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2021.11.29 20:07 user61241010 I just met this guy and we are talking more and more everyday. I would like to know if we somehow are compatible and this potentially could be a serious relationship. Any interpretation would be highly appreciated.

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2021.11.29 20:07 Sugarmummy635 Hello I am looking for a loyal and honest sugar baby that I will spoil with weekly allowance and will always make mummy happy add me Snapchat:sugar_mummy5218 Kik:sugarmummy_amanda

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2021.11.29 20:07 serial4u Cati Kati Ask Episode 16 (English Subtitles) - serial4u

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2021.11.29 20:07 bavezitoni Where are the best jacarandas?

It feels like I am seeing them for the first time and I would love to see a street full of them. So if you know of a park or street and that has a very high density of jacarandas please let me know
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2021.11.29 20:07 CasualHooligan7 RNG sure is fun sometimes, huh

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2021.11.29 20:07 chinoxu1287 El termino pocho y chicano ¿aplica solo para estadounidenses? ¿O también para canadienses, británicos o extranjeros no hispanohablantes?

Hace rato en un comentario preguntaban "¿qué era un pocho?" Y respondí. Pero me puse a pensar "la mayoría pues son de USA (chicanos y pochos)" entonces planteo la pregunta
¿El resto lo son igual aunque no nacieran en USA? Dígame por ejemplo Marcelo Flores qué nació en Canadá y se crió en Inglaterra o por ejemplo el español que habla Gignac qué como que le quiere poner sabor regio. O simplemente hijos de Mexicanos en China o Polonia o Alemania o donde quieran.
La verdad me puso a pensar. Porque en el casonde la cultura chicana son los que no necesariamente hablan español, celebran 5 de mayo, crunchy tacos, usan el termino latinx, les mama la selección en USA pero como tal solo son Mexicanos por herencia (¿?) A comparación de un pocho qué habla inglés como lengua materna pero te entiende el español aunque no lo hable bien o use muchas groserías como muletillas o frases como "uhhhmm" "ahh" cosas así.
Me deja pensando porque eso es para los Mexico-estadounidenses, pero supongo de otros países también existe.
Me gustaría saber que opinan o qué dicen
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2021.11.29 20:07 wateroclock Abbey Lee Kershaw in Lovely Bones, Vogue Korea, April 2010, by Raf Stahelin

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