How many showings does a typical landlord do before choosing the tenant?

2021.11.29 20:23 lazylazybum How many showings does a typical landlord do before choosing the tenant?

For a typical basement suite - does a landlord do something like a weekend showing then decide the following week? I understand some landlords get tons of email to view but it's impossible to show it to everyone even if they were pre-screened via email.
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2021.11.29 20:23 OpulentShade Where is best to sell bulk pgems/low runes etc?

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2021.11.29 20:23 EerieJns The wheel VS PMCC

What’s your preferred strategy and why? What are some of it’s pros and cons?
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2021.11.29 20:23 MoonLettuce1 I think i’ve worked out the Spamton rambling in BIG SHOT

At least, the large verse. i didn’t entirely work it out and i’ll explain my interpretations. “I think he’s coming for me, answer the phone, I can’t explain until we’re all alone” i didn’t fully get this line, saw different bits from other people and this sounded the most accurate. “He pulls the strings and makes them ring until your heart-… DONT YOU BREAK UP!” This is what i worked out fully. at first i thought it was “and tells your heart DONT YOU BREAK UP!” as a full coherent sentence made more sense, but now i believe Spamton is telling you what gaster (or Mr Garbage Noise) does, then scolds you in fear when you start to break up. hence the sudden break into “DONT YOU BREAK UP!” in the middle of a sentence. i’ve seen “until your heart starts to BREAK UP!” but i could never hear that exactly when trying. “repeat of first 2 lines He pulls the strings- He pulls the strings- and tell you what YOU BIG SHOT!!!” and later he spams lines of “NOWS YOUR CHANCE” on top of each other untill “NOWS YOUR- WHAT YOU lil tune” as in “what you big shot” that is all, hope this is seen by people haha
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2021.11.29 20:23 iKiTTa TIFU by trying to donate my Kidney

As per usual, Didn't happen today.
Last November my Mushum (grandfather) passed away and he was kind off the head of the family in a sense. He was who kept all of us in order. Well, tried. Things got crazy after he passed. My youngest aunt D inherited his house and finances. Kicked all my uncles out of the big house so she and her non biological child can live alone. She tried to with hold my uncles inheritance money as well.
I don't live with my family for many reasons. Reason number one, my mom. My fiancés had moved to her house when we couldn't make it on our own. renting out my old room. When we finally got a way out we got WAY out. Like 3-4 hours way out. I was raised to know my roots and that family is everything so needless to say I was devastated. but I got over it and became so much more happy with my fiancés in our new town. 5-6 years now.
In November I went home to attend my Mushums Funeral. I haven't seen my family in years so I obviously wanted to catch up. I was highly considering becoming an organ donor for someone in need and I told my mother this. She in turn, said that she's been diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease).
I had just lost my Mushum and now my mother is nearing the same place so I told her I would donate my kidney to her. She's my mother. I have too. She's done so much for me. Getting me a job after I got expelled from school so I can help her with bills. Housing me, feeding me, clothing me for all those years. I owed her for being such a disappointment. We both knew it.
So I started taking tests to get the ball rolling, until my mother needed a live in aid as she was now on dialysis. She reached out to me to see if I would become her worker. I hated the idea, one of the reasons I didn't like living under my mother was because I'd have to clean up after her and my siblings, no complaining if I just cleaned it or make something else if they don't like it. But you know what, I needed the money so I did it. If I was gunna go back to that lifestyle I might as well be making money at it.
My fiancés didn't come with me as he doesn't get along with my mother. You'll soon read why.
I was working 8hs a day 5 days a week, making 15$/h. It equaled to about 1200 bi weekly. However I was at my mothers. At first I started out as helping with 600$ to pay off her phone bill out of the kindness of my heart. The next time it was to help her pay for the power that was cut off that was close to 900 cause her insurance was also paid for. Then it was finally time to come home for a break. Finally I get to keep a full check and take it home. Cost to go home asking my mother for a ride. $600.
It was really starting to weigh on me. I choose to do this job because I wanted to improve the quality of life at home with my fiancés and I felt like I had nothing to show for it. It was another $600 of my next check just to come back and work some more. My mother even had the audacity to ask me to help pay her internet bill cause I could afford it. I bit my tongue and did it because I love my mom and I'm trying to show her I'm functioning.
In August was when shit really hit the fan. I was feeling unappreciated, used and unloved by my own family and I had a slight suspicion that it was because my mushum was no longer around. They don't have a dad to be guilty too anymore. He was the only one they strived to look good for.
I was done, I wanted to quit and I was letting everyone know. Even my mother. There was an Aunty A in the picture by now and she too was asking me if she could work some days for me and I could pay her for those days. Sometimes she would just do it and later expect it. I would just ask her where the contract we signed was. She only ever got maybe 2 or 3 days of pay while I was still in charge of my money. But I was quitting and Aunty A couldn't work for my mother because she was exploiting A.I.S.H even though she's more then capable of working.
So my Mother made me a deal. I can go home and quit but she would keep using my name and getting my checks and aunty A and my mother would split them. I was obviously upset and after consulting Aunty B I let it happen. All because my Aunty A said I should let my Mother do it so I can get my hours so I can quit and earn EI. She's just as fucking bad. So I let it happen and I went home with new found anxiety of over money and finances and 200$ from each check to "make me happy".
I still wanted to help my mom with my kidney but I need to see something first. I texted her asking (more so demanding) respect and appreciation. Letting myself get visibly shaken with rage towards her. She just turned around and said I was the problem and I must be pretty arrogant to want respect for being a disappointment. So I told her to show me respect or no kidney. I didn't want too but I can't keep thinking I'm always the one whose wrong when it comes to disagreeing with my mother. But nothing. You can say it was my last attempt at reaching out to who I thought her to be. I was wrong. She snapped at me and said I'm ungrateful for letting my own mother die..
I'm okay with being the reason you die, if you are okay with being the reason I can't love you anymore.
She's no longer using my name but she is still claiming money that is not hers. That fight was the week before the check came in and when I messaged her if she still needed me she ignored me. So I figured I'd call finances and ask what's up. And last second as she was filling out my time sheet put someone else name and SIN number. I text her again asking what the fuck. She could have at least told me.
I feel so stupid and worthless. I believed so much so that family was everything even though my fiancés was telling me they were only using it to control me. I didn't want to believe it because my Mushum... Then it hit me. Our family is no longer a family because they are all so greedy and selfish and only helped because it's what he would have wanted. Now that he's no longer around to disappoint they can do, hurt and exploit whoever they want with no repercussions. I fell so stupid that I let this all happen to me.
I feel so stupid.
TL;DR Wanted to help my mother by donating my kidney to her, ended up becoming her live in aid and being exploited out of thousands of dollars.
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2021.11.29 20:23 kdilly16 Find me a Laptop (new business owner)

Starting a small business (just me for the forseeable future)
Use: Web applications (salesforce mostly) through google chrome, up to ~10 tabs at a time (ram intensive). About 50% of the time I will be mobile as I will be doing field sales.
Budget: <~$1500US
My thoughts: 11th gen i7 or similar AMD
Lenovo T series is 4+ month lead time
have looked at Dell's latitude and Vostro, HP's Elitebook
What else should I consider that doesn't have a 4 month lead time?
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2021.11.29 20:23 -Agent-47_ GUYS GUYS DOES AMPM SELL BAGLES???

I’m not about to walk a mile for nothing. Pls. Someone send help aaaaa
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2021.11.29 20:23 bitconnnnneeeeect More evidence these "partnerships" are just giving away free coins to put a name on a website.

So much for "Sony Partnership." I've said before CAA "partnership" is a nothingburger and those CAA clients will be using other blockchains for their NFTs. Being a validator means next to nothing so far, don't buy into the hype it means anything significant.
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2021.11.29 20:23 AS1012 Terrakion raid on me 3993 4250 2988

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2021.11.29 20:23 yessirskiii75 pyt tele link 20$ over 5,000 vids and pics🔥✅

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2021.11.29 20:23 xponentialdesign New Op Art Classics Quadro Icons 2 | by Xponentialdesign

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2021.11.29 20:23 LucMorningstar76 What is a friendly equivalent to a skinwalker?

I have the skinwalker that has been harassing me ever since I passed through a Navajo reservation. I left it a peace offering of a bottle of water and a MRE and when I got up in the morning the MRE in water bottle were gone in the morning. Me and my family are more sensitive to these things so they're more attracted to us just as a side note. I could sense another one was approaching I can feel them almost like a radar. But the one that spin around here killed the other one I think it's protecting me now. I have literally seen it and heard it walking on my roof and it doesn't do any of those things anymore I think it's actually protecting me now because I feel safe.
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2021.11.29 20:23 Iso_lation_ward Free $50 Bitcoin when joining Celsius Network / Earn great rates of interest on your crypto / Lots of extra rewards through promo codes!

Celsius Network is a crypto lending app that pays weekly interest on your deposits. They also offer unlimited free withdrawals.
To receive $50 Bitcoin follow these steps:
1.Sign up with my referral link to receive $50 bitcoin on your first deposit of $400 or more.
2.Enter the code 1118191a57 at sign-up. It should already be there but sometimes it doesn’t automatically carry over so it’s worth a check.
3.You’ll be asked to verify your identity…you will need to do this before you can make a deposit.
4.Deposit at least $400 of any supported crypto.
5.Do not withdraw anything for 30 days, if you do then you will lose the free bitcoin.
6.Receive your free bitcoin after 30 days.
For additional bonuses up to $1240 you can enter the following promo codes. Click the Profile button (top right) > Promo Codes.
•Enter STABLE10 for $10 in bitcoin. Deposit at least $50 of USDT or USDC.
•Enter STABLE50 for $50 in bitcoin. Deposit at least $200 of USDT or USDC. You can just deposit at least $250 to activate both these codes at the same time.
•Probably not applicable for most but you can enter STABLE600 for $600 in bitcoin. Deposit at least $25,000 of USDT or USDC.
•Enter BNB40 for $40 in BNB coin. Deposit at least $400 of BNB.
•Enter ADA40 for $40 in ADA. Deposit at least $400 of ADA.
•Again, not applicable for most but enter ADA500 for $500 in ADA. Deposit at least $20,000 in ADA.
The same rule applies to the promo codes…do not withdraw anything for 30 days to receive the bonuses (90 days for the STABLE600 and ADA500 codes).
Any questions then don’t hesitate to ask :)
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2021.11.29 20:23 linas9 Pesto Pizza Dough Bites.. Really Worth a Try

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2021.11.29 20:23 politicalthrow99 Guy with BLM in his bio threatens to sit out 2024

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2021.11.29 20:23 vintag3blue Method 502 17X8 Wheels on a 2021 Limited

Can I put these on a 2021 limited? What will feel different? The stock wheels are 18x7 and I don't really want to go too far down from the stock sizes since I won't be going off-roading much if not at all (which is why I don't want the 502s VT-SPECs in 15x7.) If not these, should I go with the 16x7 option? +15mm or +30mm? Which tires should I pair with these? I have no idea what I'm doing lol
Method 502s
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2021.11.29 20:23 Alarming-Position100 confused can i post already whats going on #reddit

can i post something now im confused
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2021.11.29 20:23 CaNenVautPasLaPeine Where to Find Nat Shermans?

Does anyone know where I can find Nat Shermans? Especially the "Naturals Originals"?
I live in Germany, but have a friend who will visit from Boston. So, a website or a shop in either place would work.
Any help will be grrrrreatly appreciated!
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2021.11.29 20:23 jookco Judge Richard Markus Death - Dead - Obituary News : We are saddened to learn of the passing of our longtime member, friend and community leader Ret. Click link to read full story.

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2021.11.29 20:23 Thoomaaass Got a little understeer today because there was alot of oil in a corner lol. There is no real bad damage it just took a bite out of a pile of leaves and some mud

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2021.11.29 20:23 mirohve Tear in my boy's tail, info in comments (video bc he's too fast for pics)

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2021.11.29 20:23 Snipez55 Virizion Raid be online 4193 4977 7950

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2021.11.29 20:23 ginsu_pd I posted a video on my YouTube channel about my experience as an aromantic asexual and wanting to be in a relationship and at the same time not wanting to be in a relationship due to the societal construct around them

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2021.11.29 20:23 Wreath_of_Laurels Obsessed Beader's Bingo (Now with proper pic) - Hope you enjoy!

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2021.11.29 20:23 anrorke u/tywriters

The GOAT, I’ve commissioned Ty for 7 papers so far and they’ve yet to disappoint, very flexible and understanding when it comes to deadline changes or any other issues you may come across. This is the person to hire for any school or writing intensive related purposes. Ty is deserving of the title proficient academic because of the way they effortlessly, and without any complaints, get your assignments done.
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