Ahsoka Tano Disney Plus Series Casts Ivanna Sakhno

2021.11.29 19:59 MattHall83 Ahsoka Tano Disney Plus Series Casts Ivanna Sakhno

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2021.11.29 19:59 enrasilver0420 GlitchStack Of The Day!

GlitchStack Of The Day!
Umbrella Tree/Fruit Tree/Dwarf Palm
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2021.11.29 19:59 NewsElfForEnterprise Rapper Asian Doll facing backlash for hosting ‘Indian-themed’ party

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2021.11.29 19:59 BatMuffin58 If you know this show, you're cool.

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2021.11.29 19:59 retailsmart What phrase/word is used in your country in a way that is weird and unusual compared to other countries?

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2021.11.29 19:59 Suthekingg Ethereum price must reclaim $4,500 for ETH bulls to take over! WE ARE CLOSE!

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2021.11.29 19:59 Shewsical Dominique Morisseau pulls her play from the Geffen in Los Angeles - Thoughtful discourse?

If you haven't heard the news - the playwright of Paradise Blues, Dominique Morisseau, pulled her play a week after it opened at the Geffen. She cited that members of the creative team had been “allowed to behave disrespectfully,”
Something is really not sitting right with me on this one.
I'd like to start right off the bat and say that it is never okay for actors to feel unsafe in any working conditions. Anyone and everyone responsible in the cast, crew, creative team, or in the administrative team at the Geffen should be held responsible.
That being said, it really bothers me the lack of clarity around these accusations. If there were unsafe working conditions, it should be handled through Actors Equity. The playwright violating her contract with the producing organization in protest is not a precedent I like at all.
There are often tricky employment laws and it might be the Geffen couldn't simply fire the person in question without potential serious legal repercussions. In a traditional HR environment, it might be weeks or even months before an offense can be proven and acted upon - it's a necessary protection so that employees can't be fired based on accusations made in bad faith. It often means that abusers and assholes get to work way longer than they otherwise should, but that's how protocol often works - it has to be conservative in order to not be abused.
Theatres in LA are not big money. This has to be a big financial hit to one of the few LA theatres paying a living wage to actors - one that was currently employing a full cast of BIPOC actors. It just seems a sloppy way to deal with an issue.
It might be that whatever happened was so atrocious that the Geffen deserves to get burned to the ground (metaphorically) - but it seems like a really shitty thing to do to an organization trying to be and do better. It's a move I'm having trouble getting behind without clarity in what happened.

Thoughtful and kind discourse is appreciated on this. Does anyone have thoughts?
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2021.11.29 19:59 Idontwannabehuman Sleeping toasted donut

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2021.11.29 19:59 cryptocoture SETTING UP ANTMINERS

does anyone have experience setting up Antminers? is there detailed instructions anywhere? I know the parts of a PC. what are the parts to make an Antminer rig?
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2021.11.29 19:59 Drexlore [McMurphy] Kansas DL coach Kwahn Drake & CB coach Chevis Jackson not returning next season

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2021.11.29 19:59 harveycliniccare_com Better Than The Dentist: 4 Steps To Whiten Yellow Teeth And Remove Plaque And Tartar Buildup

Better Than The Dentist: 4 Steps To Whiten Yellow Teeth And Remove Plaque And Tartar Buildup Dental tartar is one of the most common oral problems of today. It is the main cause for periodontitis and other oral problems as well.
Dental tartar are mineral deposits on the teeth which accumulate over time and can only be removed by a professional. However, instead of the time-consuming and expensive
Readmore: https://www.harveycliniccare.com/2021/10/better-than-dentist-4-steps-to-whiten.html

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2021.11.29 19:59 Keith1413 ‘Trust Me’: Chris Cuomo Played Outsize Role in Ex-Gov. Cuomo’s Defense

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2021.11.29 19:59 tsuratz Hoge Finance - Bitmart listing confirmed

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2021.11.29 19:59 ThiCrayton Has anyone ever tried Quince for home goods like towels and linens? Curious to hear about their quality

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2021.11.29 19:59 RealZubidoo How To Contact Google Ads?

Any way to speak to a account rep or someone in North America? They outsourced their entire operation and support reps have no clue wtf they're doing. Spending a few thousand a month and trying to recover an account after it got hacked. Filled out a form and mentioned numerous times I just want a refund for the amount the hacker has spent and do not want the account to be suspended or cancelled. Like 9 days later I get an email notifying me that the account has been suspended.
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2021.11.29 19:59 BrFr00471 Chucky Season 2

Chucky has been renewed for season 2 at US network and Syfy
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2021.11.29 19:59 Clear-Letter-6585 Having a writers block for 4 months almost now.

I hate it. I truly hate it. Last year I was fully writing songs and recording it with a band. I can't write now for almost 4 months. Everyday I sit behind the piano and just nothing comes up.
I feel there is so much inside me what needs to get out. Has anybody have tips how to break through this wall? I sometimes struggle with my mental health these days, could this have something to do with this?
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2021.11.29 19:59 Manwithnolife77 Where my XGene?

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2021.11.29 19:59 the-tinman What bullshit are you fed up with today?

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2021.11.29 19:59 RepresentativeBig258 Where can I play SNES Super Mario world HD, in all stars? Is it only for wii? The Nintendo switch online version does not look HD 🤔

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2021.11.29 19:59 Pollo3652 Fora y fauna del noroccidente de Quito

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2021.11.29 19:59 macuser06 I have the opportunity to get this rega planar 2 for $275. Is this a good turntable? What year is it from? Is it worth it?

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2021.11.29 19:59 mega_mango_6429 Will the ‘everyone is here’ dlc ever come to origin? I have spend around £30 and very sad I’m missing it

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2021.11.29 19:59 ElectroNomical117 Need clarification so I know I’m not getting d*caked down by big army.

So we’ve got another JRTC rotation coming up, but as Opfor. They are requesting all able bodied people, but my ETS leave starts 3days before they head out. Are they able to revoke my ETS leave even after the BC and CO signed it?
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2021.11.29 19:59 Munke_bread69 switch & outlet not working

earlier I bumped into the switch on my wall and the lights went off so I assumed that I just turned it off but when I turned it back on it turned on for a split second and now it won't turn back on again, I replaced both the outlet and the switch and yet nothing has been able to connect. when I was installing the switch there was a slight charge to it because the breaker was still on ( i know stupid mistake), while the outlet had no charge at all, so I turned the breaker off and decided to ask for help, I'm almost 100% positive I installed both the exact way they were set up before, I would really appreciate help with this, thank you.
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