I met Tomar and Jaxxie Today!

2021.11.29 21:12 CainhurstCoochie I met Tomar and Jaxxie Today!

I was in Burbank the other day and was walking to my daily coffee joint to get a cup of earl grey in the morning, it was colder out that day Inside of the coffee shop there was a stand set up selling those honey/cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans that was some sort of 3rd party company that wasn’t part of the coffee house itself but was selling their nuts through the establishment so and it smelt amazing.. I went about ordering my drink tho as I was in a hurry but kept looking over because the smell was intoxicating and I wanted to see the prices “it’d be nice to get some to go” I thought and each time I took a glimpse the man and woman working the stand were with there heads down either scooping the almonds or handling money but I swore I recognized the man out of the two, he was shorter but very sturdy and built and had a great beard I would imagine he grooms and oils often.. it was Joshua Tomar.. he looked up and we made eye contact and he said “hello there would you like to get some nut to go?” I thought it was funny he said “nut” to go and not “nuts” or almond/pecans in which they were but just “nut” as he smirked at me and the woman finished serving her customer and looked down at me from her impressive 7’2” Amazonian stature.. it was Jaxxie.. her and Tomar on a side hustle selling almonds? What the frick? I said something along the lines of “hey i love your guys stuff, i grew up with a lot of it, i’ll take two bags” as the proceeds were going to helping young less fortunate children who want to be artist to get things like tablets, supplies, classes, etc I felt it was a noble cause so I supported them being soo close to Christmas. This is when time froze.. everyone around, the steaming pressing sound of the liquid being forced through coffee grounds and espresso haulted, the music ceased to even exist and I was just there amongst now human mannequins.. But To… Tomar was within them all, moving.. I had to play it smooth and act as if I were frozen as well like all the others only looking out of the corner of my eyes peripheral he went behind the coffee shops counter and got into the cash register and took a roll of quarters so he was able to break the 20 I had given him for what I had purchased.. I watched soo silently holding my breath so he would not see my massive gorilla chest moving in and out as I panicked.. Jaxxy standing there with glazed over eyes and a drooling mouth, everyone around my cold and statuesque. He’s making his rounds back to the almond stand when he goes out of my range, I hold my breathing from giving me away but alas it was too late.. with a “now you will see what my enemies see as the warmth drains from their eyes” I felt the pressing of an object into my lower back, it was Tomar’s Canik 9mm Jaxxy had hesitantly gotten him the year prior for his birthday.. he said “you’ll be in a wheel chair forever, but atleast you’ll get your nut” as I heard the sound of a zipper being let down.. Tomar held me at gun point and masturbated to the stench of my fear and walked away back to the stand where he put away his manhood and zipped his pants, tucking the firearm into the hip of his jeans he said “now you’ll forget all” and time was back to normal, the pacing of bodies back and forth, the small rumble or conversation amongst friends and the crack of a gun being fired directly into my spinal column with the moan of Tomar’s ecstasy into my ear.. I fall to the ground in that coffee shop and it was the last place I was ever able to stand on my own, I lay quivering in a pile of candies and floor dirt covered almond as I draw my last few breaths of that sweet consciousness and awake in a bed, a hospital? no.. the bed of my own house the one I have spent thousands of nights in it was only a nightmare. IM OKAY! It was only a dream, but a knock upon my door is heard ever so faintly.. the door creaks upon like a minute a millimeter ever soo slowly and it’s Tomar’s beard in the gap of the door, then his eyes and he says “good morning Jaxxie my sweetheart” and that’s when I actually woke up.. with a wet pair of panties and puddle under my ass.
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2021.11.29 21:12 regipro Tutorial 7 qs for students for psychology

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2021.11.29 21:12 rn_amJUD I posted earlier about my left incisor not sitting well and had a reply that the tooth just looked like it needed bonding. Is it considered abnormally shaped? Is that what bonding is for? I felt it is just malrotated still. Here's both sides today-week 15/16. Thanks! And sorry to post again today.

I posted earlier about my left incisor not sitting well and had a reply that the tooth just looked like it needed bonding. Is it considered abnormally shaped? Is that what bonding is for? I felt it is just malrotated still. Here's both sides today-week 15/16. Thanks! And sorry to post again today. submitted by rn_amJUD to Invisalign [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 21:12 monnurse7 Cally is Cooking Mixed Fruit Tart

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2021.11.29 21:12 pilgrimdigger Just checked into my hotel. I will let everyone know what powers I get.

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2021.11.29 21:12 Weekly-Soft120 BUDGETPC

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2021.11.29 21:12 president_schreber I lost my Tab Screen/ Team info screen!

Any idea how to get it back? What is the official name in the controls?
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2021.11.29 21:12 Yeeteronreddit Does YouTube still have their policy on trolls?

I remember hearing that YouTube had a policy where they ban troll channels. Is that policy still around?
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2021.11.29 21:12 Civil_Cricket6331 Tried my best at a shinji outfit

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2021.11.29 21:12 makemestudy LPT: If shopping at target, don't use Paypal

Just for a $5 partial credit for something. I always use paypal because I hate typing in credit card information. Here's the information I got:
A refund in the amount of $5.00 + any previously applied taxes has been approved for the items listed below. Depending on your card issuer, the credit to your original form of payment will typically appear within 5 days. Purchases made with PayPal or a Target GiftCard will be credited back with a gift card.
So, if you use paypal, your refunds wilL ONLY be in the form of gift card, AKA target has your money. Since it was only $5, no big deal. But if you're making a huge purchase, use your credit card directly.
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2021.11.29 21:12 Decent-Dinner2098 Shiba listing to Kraken ‼️‼️‼️to the moon soon 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.11.29 21:12 MightyChungus69 Raksha 165m/hr confirmed?

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2021.11.29 21:12 westgot Putting the speech first (topic: morals of being a meat-eater)

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2021.11.29 21:12 blackpilled-god For a man, being short is a (social) disability, and should be treated as one

(I'm just posting here but i'm not properly venting)

Okay, so here it comes again another manlet whinging on Reddit, but i promise i'm not bitter or hateful. I'm not blaming anyone or anything either, so strap in because it's gonna be short long.
First of all, let's start with an anecdote. I, OP, am not bald or getting bald. Actually, i have a head full of black hair and a perfect hairline. My hair just keep growing stronger. And why am i telling y'all that? Because i've never have lived the trauma of getting bald. I've never shed a single tear over it, i've never invested my time in any kind of treatment for it or had to accept the curse of it. I've never lived any negative experience over it and never lost my time overthinking and mourning the loss of hair. So i just can't understand what shit shows balding men have to go through. The same goes for height, but for me, it's quite the opposite.
I'm quite short, 170 cm (5'7'' in US units). Over the course of the years, i've never been that insecure about it, as my only option is to own it up. But being short of course has been a handicap. With average/tall men, i feel a bit embarrassing about myself, despite not getting jealous or angry or whatever else. I'm still going my own way, applying to Uni, doing jobs and improving myself. I'm social and i really like being helpful - people come over me in Uni asking for help in academic activities - and i usually play soccefootball with my acquaintances. But i do all that stuff because i'm a tryhard.
Being short (for men) is extremely challenging. I have to be twice as better to be at least "normal", and i'm not usually taken seriously or even respectfully. I don't retaliate, because it's me against the world. I'm emasculated and pretty much a beta male, an inferior category that makes me prone to humilliating experiences and to be a supportive, backward figure. I've already accepted my biologial role as a beta male, and even my mentality is tailored to the beta-zone. I'm an introvert, after all.
Just a side note: i'm of course sexless as well, as a beta male. I'm already undesirable and i don't even bother trying. Have never tried, actually (that's a beta mentality trait). I'm never blaming it on women or shaming on them or harrassing or whatever. I've come in terms with it pretty well and i accept my fate, as well as i completely understand the biological height requirement that lies over me. I'm completely fine with it, and cool with chicks. (So, please, don't throw excuses about me being an insecure misogynist, etc. I am just not. Again, i'm pretty much OK with the gender roles and expectations.)
Recalling the anecdote, normal (i.e. non-short) men just don't have to go through all along the experience of being a manlet. They have never had the social stigma that brings the handicap, and, in other words, they didn't have the social disability that comes all over with it. Yes, a social disability, that's what i call. Because it takes so many experiences from you and gives you another, negative ones. Having to struggle with it takes the vast majority of time from manlets, whom live their lives in plain suffering. Normal men, on the other hand, don't have it at all. That's why it's a social disease upon us manlets. It takes and gives us manlets so much, not in a good way. It's the same type of stigma that perpetuates racism and that stains and horrifies whole lives along the ages. I cant' see it as "it just so happens, bro". I see it as a whole social-crippling status.
Your raise, denied. Your self and outer respect, destroyed. Your redamancy, forget it. Your perception about life, stained. It's totally a nuke. I've been pretty much living a "standard life", but the amount of sheer force it takes from me to bear it, the near-warrior tier amount of motivation it takes from me, it's so exhausting. As (((normal))) men don't have to go through it, i'm clearly in an unwanted disadvantage, and i just don't want to be a victim. I'm not pushing it too hard, it's exactly that shit show. In that state, i only can explain to myself that i'm a disabled. It's less embarrassing. I'm crippled by my short legs, despite they being functional. They aren't enough and pushed me to a biological role i'll never be able to challenge, the role of a (inferior) beta male.
And please, i'm not throwing a tantrum forcing people to accept me and calling everyone else shallow. That's because i actually concur with the standard. I don't want manlets to be included as (((alpha))) men too, all that i want is to be tall as well. I agree that being short is weird and undesirable, pretty much a defect that deviates and dooms men to the inferior role. I see myself and accept myself as it.
To finish, being short (as male) gives one so much stigma and preconceptions that it could be seen as a disability. A social one, one that takes some experiences and gives another experiences to you, that normal men don't have to put up with. I am disabled, i am a manlet. And every manlet out there is disabled (socially-crippled) as well.
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2021.11.29 21:12 Burger_Thief4905 This shit is retarded

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2021.11.29 21:12 aliencamel Green Kingfisher - First fude nib drawing

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2021.11.29 21:12 Moist-City-5717 Vanessa

Anyone feel that she was pretty in the Deadpool movies??? I found her hot in general.
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2021.11.29 21:12 bujoNY Shan’s ponderosa!

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2021.11.29 21:12 Bunnylace Venom the Bear! ITs exactly what you think!

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2021.11.29 21:12 Far_Football_1708 legendary class companion choice pack

i recently won the legendary class companion choice pack from the current lockbox and i’ve heard that all the companions included suck- i don’t know if i should open it or try to sell/trade it… and if i open it i don’t know what companion to choose ! i have been using the githyanki companion and i loveeeee her so i’m not even sure if i would be using one of the companions from this pack… any ideas on how much to put it up for in the trade house?, or which companion i should choose if i do keep the pack ? (;
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2021.11.29 21:12 Cattle-Far How can I (35M) become more comfortable with my partner's (34F) close relationship with a same-sex friend who has previously expressed interest in my partner?

I (35M) am in a heterosexual long-term intimate relationship with my partner Bethany (34F). We've been together for a few years now, and we raise three kids together from prior relationships. Around eleven months ago, Bethany and I became friends with a same-sex couple: Sandy and Wanda, both women in their late twenties, who have been together for at least a year. They share custody of three small kids. They mutually expect to be sexually monogamous and to operate just like any other nuclear family unit. Bethany and I do as well.
I really like both Sandy and Wanda. They're kind, fun, funny, and always make for good conversation. I especially admire the care and love they show for their children, which is really evident. I'm closer with Sandy than with Wanda, but Bethany is much closer than both of them. For context, I probably engage in one or two quick text message exchanges with Sandy each week, but I've never communicated with Wanda one-on-one. I would say Bethany and I get together with Sandy or Wanda or both maybe twice a month.
Bethany is a really wonderful and gregarious person. She is extremely kind and helpful to others. I feel that she has trouble with boundaries in many of her relationships, and I am concerned how often she seems driven by guilt. She's just not the kind of person who can ignore a phone call from a friend no matter what she's doing. I think this is a wonderful personality trait, albeit one that can function as a double-edged sword. Because of all of the above, Bethany is the kind of person who is on her phone calling or texting her friends and family quite frequently. Bethany and Sandy communicate frequently; I'm unsure of the frequency of Bethany's communication with Wanda.
With that context in mind, I noted that Sandy started Facetiming with Bethany pretty frequently about five months ago. This made me raise an eyebrow, as I'd have found it a little uncomfortable had Bethany been Facetiming with a male to whom she was not related, but I put it out of mind because ultimately that comparison was imprecise. But several weeks later, Bethany told me that Sandy and Wanda had a fight because Wanda was uncomfortable with Sandy's frequent Facetiming of Bethany. I told Bethany that I'd noticed the same thing and found it unusual, but said that I'd accepted this communication because what the hell, they're friends. I told her, however, that I understood Wanda's position because I might have felt the same way had Sandy been male. Bethany told me that Wanda's objections were foolishness; she was friends with Sandy and nothing more, and if Wanda had an issue with it "that's insecurity, and that's her problem." The... vigor(?) of Bethany's response surprised me, but I actually don't disagree fundamentally with her position. Bethany assured me a short while later that she and Wanda remained on good terms.
Sandy and Bethany continued communicating over Facetime, text, and phone calls. Bethany never concealed to me the subject of her conversations with Sandy, which were beginning to focus on tension and dissatisfaction between Sandy and Wanda about their relationship. That didn't really phase me because friends sometimes lean on each other during hard times. Sandy and Bethany had sometimes lengthy conversations about Sandy and Wanda's relationship, but relationship drama is a big deal so I understood. And Bethany frequently gives very good advice!
My comfort level began to change after an event in early October. Sandy met up with Bethany and me one night while the two of us were out on a much-needed date night. Bethany and I had recently gone through some rough seas in our relationship, but we were trying to keep communicating because we love each other and wanted to right the ship. After drinking for quite a while, Sandy told me while Bethany was elsewhere that she'd heard about my relationship problems with Bethany, and that she felt it might help our relationship if we invited her to participate in sexual activity between the two of us. Sandy assured me that I would "remain the star" and "remain the man." She said the three-way activity would just be a thing that was "all about us" (meaning all about Bethany and me), but told me that she thought Bethany was beautiful and wanted to join in. I did not want that at all, but I also didn't want to be disrespectful to my friend Sandy or to let my disgust with the idea show. Sandy kept asking me if I was uncomfortable; I lied and said I wasn't because I didn't want to cause a scene or make Sandy feel rejected or hurt. Sandy told me that it might help fix my relationship with Bethany, and I felt scared because I really did want to fix that relationship but I have no interest in sharing Bethany sexually.
I broke away from Sandy when I could do so tactfully and asked Bethany to come speak with me privately. I began by asking her if she'd asked Sandy to discuss anything with me. She denied doing so, and I believe her. I told her what Sandy had said. I also told her (and I'm ashamed of this) that if she did need to introduce a relationship like that to fix our own relationship, that I didn't know how I felt but I would consider it because I loved her. (I can't stress enough how humiliating this is today.) Bethany assured me that she didn't want that, and hadn't discussed anything like that with Sandy.
When we returned to the open area of the bar, I (candidly) tried to avoid Sandy and talk to others. Bethany talked to Sandy, who abruptly stormed off. When I asked Bethany what had happened, she said she'd told Sandy she wasn't interested and that this had evidently made Sandy mad. Neither Bethany nor I told Wanda about any of this; I don't know whether that was the right thing to not do. Bethany told me that Sandy had called the next day and apologized profusely for acting so imprudently. I told Bethany that I felt very uncomfortable about what had happened, and Bethany explained that Sandy was very drunk and should be forgiven. Forgiveness is a virtue, but I feel ambivalent about doing so with Sandy.
A few weeks later, Bethany and I were doing better and communicating well, but the matter with Sandy was still on my mind. In the course of an ordinary conversation, Bethany told me about a conflict Sandy and Wanda were having, in which Wanda had allegedly accused Sandy of having sex with Bethany. Bethany's reaction in telling this story was bewilderment - it was patently untrue (I believe her) and bizarre, she said, and she blamed Wanda for concocting such a conspiracy.
Hearing that worried me a great deal. I told her that I had become concerned about her presence as a sounding board for Sandy in the midst of Sandy's attraction to her. I told her that I now felt very awkward about our friendship with Sandy and Wanda, and that I felt under the circumstances that Sandy might be breaking a lot of boundaries. Bethany was pretty mad at me for saying that, I think. She felt that she had done nothing wrong, and I think she felt blame from me. I assured her I didn't blame her, but that the situation made me uncomfortable and I was concerned that she had been positioned in the center of what was becoming a large domestic dispute between Sandy and Wanda. Bethany kept repeating that she didn't think she needed to lose a friend when she hadn't done anything wrong to deserve it, and also defended herself against the (unraised) allegation that she may have felt attracted reciprocally to Sandy. I told Bethany that I was simply uncomfortable with the entire arrangement, that I trusted her completely, that I knew she wasn't attracted to Sandy, and that I didn't want to see Bethany get hurt in the crossfire. We moved on to other topics, leaving this conversation with strange tension.
Last night, Sandy called Bethany at approximately 10:00PM while Bethany and I were in bed. Bethany told me who was calling and told me that she wanted to just go to sleep, but felt compelled to answer. Bethany answered the call and asked Sandy if she wanted to sleep on our couch. Bethany explained that Sandy told her she'd caught Wanda kissing another woman and was inconsolable. Bethany said she wanted to give Wanda a hug and a blanket and return to bed when she arrived.
I was intensely uncomfortable. Bethany asked me if I was mad, I told her (truthfully) I wasn't but that this situation was "really weird" and I told her I was pretty uncomfortable, but I asked her not to retract the offer as I didn't want to leave Sandy in a bad spot. When Sandy arrived, Bethany went to meet her and she talked with Sandy for about forty minutes in the living room. Bethany called for me to join her and I desperately didn't want to, so I declined. Bethany asked me to a second time, which made me wonder if she needed my help, so I got dressed and went to speak with them. I had a short conversation with the two of them in which I just tried to make small talk and be accommodating while trying to check if Bethany was fine, which she appeared to be. I went to bed and Bethany followed me.
This morning, Bethany asked me to explain how I felt. I summarized it as best I was able: I didn't blame Bethany for anything that had happened, but the entire situation felt "icky," "weird," and "uncomfortable." I felt like Bethany extending all this help given the nature of the disrupted boundaries put me in a weird place. She said she was sorry she made me feel uncomfortable, but that she didn't think she did anything wrong. She told me that she felt it was my responsibility to resolve the dispute with Sandy, and that she'd continue to help Sandy without feeling grief from me for doing so.
Honestly? I don't want to "resolve" anything with Sandy. I don't want to talk about what happened with Sandy. I don't want to talk with Sandy about boundaries. I definitely don't want to talk about my relationship's problems with Sandy given what's happened. I just sort of want to distance myself; I feel like I'm very close to a really ugly situation involving two friends, and I want to keep respectful distance especially given the history, and further given that I haven't known them for years or anything. I haven't told Bethany this part yet because, quite frankly, I'm not sure it's a valid feeling. But in any event, it occurs to me that Bethany deserves to have friendships and render assistance within them, and it's not within my scope of authority to question whether her boundaries are healthy. I also don't dislike Sandy, and I want her to be okay!
What do you all think I should do? I think my options are: (1) resolve the conflict with Sandy so we can all get along; (2) do nothing and try to avoid resentment and trust Bethany can handle the situation; or (3) open up more to Bethany about my hesitation in resolving the conflict. (Bethany seems pretty dug in, so I'm not sure #3 will change anything.) I'm also open to other suggestions.
TLDR; a mutual female friend has expressed prior interest in my girlfriend sexually, it's made me uncomfortable, but my girlfriend wants to maintain a close connection to help the friend through some tough times. How can we all get along?
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2021.11.29 21:12 Perfect_Sir4092 Which one is better pure trading stocks. And are there any other benefits with the other account types?

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2021.11.29 21:12 Hurricane0999 value

can a nr bear & no pot black panther get a nfr kanga?
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2021.11.29 21:12 holmes1001 Fans of President Vladimir Putin edit his videos to bolster macho reputation • FRANCE 24 English

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